TestFlight #7: Personalizable Gestures

TestFlight #7! Introducing Personalizable Gestures

Tap to select icons, personalization options etc.
Fixed animation interrupting rapid checking off
Quieter haptic for closing list
Slightly longer spring load delay

Luminova theme by @marcelomarfil
Plamo matching theme by @nobtaka

Very curious what you all think of this one! I think personalizable gestures feels like an awesome way to accommodate more power user and niche features without cluttering the core of the app, and unlocking even more power in gestures that Clear had built into its premise from the start.

I’m sure you all will have some great ideas as well for new actions etc. Enjoy!

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What a cool new addition - a whole new paradigm for personalization. Can’t wait to dive in. New themes are dope too :smiley:

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This is really exciting.

After I dive in I’m sure I’m going to have some new suggestions for actions :sweat_smile:

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Another great update. I know we all spend our time on here lobbing you guys tweaks and wishes and improvements and critiques, but I just wanted to say that not only is v2 excellent already, but the devs have been cool and responsive, and the forum/Twitter experience has been fun. Appreciate all the hard work, fellas. Not taking it for granted.


Thank you. Appreciate hearing that, and you and many others have been awesome to getting this little community forum going and keeping us motivated on the new Clear.

And yeah very curious what you all come up with on action ideas etc.!

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Amazing update, loving the gestures so much. Thank you!


It would be nice if the gestures could also apply to the list of lists, unless that’s already possible and I’m not doing it right

Hi Phill, flight 7 items work like a charm. Thank you for all the hard work :star:


It seems the personalisable gestures don‘t work for me on my iPhone X :confused:. All TestFlights up to and including #6 have been fine, but having installed #7 I can’t get these gestures to work, and I’ve even lost the ‘tap above home bar to go back’ gesture - the only way I can go back is to pinch to close. I have tried deleting and reinstalling, I’ve hard reset the phone and I can’t get them to work so for now I’ve gone back to beta #6 to at least get my back function working again

I know how well #7 works as I’m also running the beta on my iPad so I can see what I am missing - is this just an ‘age of device’ issue on my iPhone X or is there some setting I can try to get the full glory of #7 working on it?


Al :sunglasses:

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Hmm! I don’t think this is intended no. Let me flag this here in team slack.

OK, thanks Phill :+1:t2:. Let me know if you need any more info.

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A good option for the customisable gestures could be an ‘uncomplete all’, basically putting all the completed tasks back into a todo state.

Perfect for a list of daily habits and screaming to be used with the shake gesture.


Can I ask, is there a reason shaking the phone doesn’t “undo,” much like it does already on iPhone? I would think that would help it be more intuitive.

Can you check if the shake gesture is mapped correctly?

I’m on iPhone X as well. Gestures did work for me, but now seem to have stopped too.


Hi Phill, I’ve also checked on an iPhone 8 Plus and get the same problem. Both the X and the 8 Plus are running the latest iOS 16.5.1 software.
Hopefully this is something that is fixable, having got the muscle memory to go back with a tap at the bottom of the screen it feels awkward to pinch instead :exploding_head:
Thanks Al :sunglasses:


Same with the gestures not working. The two finger and homebar gestures all are set, but all 4 don’t do anything.

Also, on my gf’s phone (iPhone 12 mini), hard press didn’t work even before this most recent update, and still doesn’t.

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Did the mini support 3D Touch? That one is actually phased out in hardware by Apple and we have to give it up for shipping because it’s not supported by newer phones.

The other gesture issues we will get to the bottom of when back next week, I am sure it is fixable and apologize about the regression (and the timing of our team break). If anyone else is experiencing this and reading would appreciate if you can chime in with your device / iOS version!

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Good news Phill, thank you :+1:t2:

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Setting one of the homebar gestures to Back is great for being able to drag and drop items from one list into another. I’ve also set two-finger tap to duplicate, but I think I occasionally trigger it when trying to pinch outwards to insert a new item between existing ones. (Edit: I’ve also noticed it happening when pinching to close a list, so potentially any two-finger gesture is liable to trigger it.) I don’t always realize it’s happened in the moment, and then I come back to a list to discover an unwanted copy of something that only needs to happen once.

This could be connected to my difficulty getting the pinch gesture to trigger on the first and second items of a list, specifically. I suspect I tend to put my finger a little too high on the first item, bordering the header with the list name. It would be nice if Clear’s gesture recognition were a little more generous up there—we already have the pull-down gesture to insert an item at the top of the list, so there should be no ambiguity about what I’m trying to do if my finger strays into the header a little.