TestFlight #9: Rewards (and some cuts ✂️)

TestFlight #9 is out for testers with:

:trophy: Initial Rewards (achievements)
:gift: Chance for collectible on checking off things
:lady_beetle: Fixed a couple animation glitches
:bug: Fixed Tutorial list crash on share/other actions
:art: Glacial + Inferno theme by Ry

And as we prepare for initial release these are shelved for now:
:no_entry: List Library
:no_entry: Individual List Personalization
:no_entry: Gesture Shortcuts

Couple notes:

Phew we are a little exhausted. So I think we need to put some of the more recent experimental features back on the shelf for initial release and revisit in roadmap. Cuts aren’t fun, but on the other hand it will feel quite good to polish the core more.

Along those lines, we will be transitioning away from a weekly release schedule, to allow some more focus on the final development + more breathing room to catch up on some bugs and polish that have been hard to squeeze into weekly releases

Rewards is a version of something we were planning to include for launch in one form or another, achievements basically. We will be adding more ahead of launch. I like how this supports the onboarding experience for people new to Clear.

Thank you @r1y3 for your super fun themes contribution.

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Hi Phill and thanks for the update. Totally understand the challenges of a pathway to the big release day (albeit somewhat disappointing as the features shelved are totally awesome. Look forward to seeing them back hopefully in the near future)

Just a couple of very quick observations for the team:

Take Screenshot:
Share list still appears (.png file of the screenshot only)
So not sure now how to actually Share a list and get it into the Shared Folder at the top level menu

Using Reminder Date:

  1. none of my reminders are showing up in tiny text.
  2. tapping the underlined input does not toggle between a reminder and text (always defaults to reminder).
  3. Leaving the input as a reminder sometimes does not even show the reminder date

Appreciate that, and yeah I think they will return.

For list sharing you can swipe right on the list title to share and try the feature, but I will note this is one we are still evaluating if it should make the cut for launch.

We are going to try to get NLP Reminders in better shape. I’ve seen some of these issues here too so we will focus on some pass for it for the next beta.


Man, I hope list personalization makes it back soon. That was the single biggest quality of life change made throughout all of this imo. Loved each list having its own vibe, and I’d dare say it even helped with productivity. I have 16 lists going right now and 16 themes I am ready to buy to match all of them.

Re: Reminders, +1 for they are broken for me again. I never set reminders, I always tap to disable them. But anything with a date or timestamp, etc., that could be construed as a date will no longer display, and the reminder won’t go away. I have to type things like “July 15z” to get them to not disappear, lol.


The achievements are a fun addition. I’m personally inclined to speedrun some of them (e.g., create a list I don’t need and immediately archive it every day) to access the rewards sooner :sunglasses:

I’m sad to see gestures gone, though—this broke a workflow I had created. I had a list that served as a “menu” of activities to choose from, and I’d pick an option from it every day by duplicating a thought with a two-finger tap and moving it to my Today list. That way, it was still on the “menu” and ready to be picked again another day. There were no more accidental gesture trigger issues for me in the last update, so I’m curious what prompted the change.

Lastly, if the catalog doesn’t come back eventually, I hope its background music can find a home elsewhere in the app. That was a fun surprise when I encountered it for the first time. It had a vibe somewhere in between the Wii Shop Channel and Buy Mode from a Sims game, and I couldn’t stop myself from listening to the whole thing.

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r1y3’s themes are awesome and I want more of them now! Especially the Magic Hour, Cloud Forest, Forelsket, Basher and Crisp.

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I’m seeing the same problem others are seeing with what Clear thinks are reminder dates not showing up at all. In my case, I had my default todo list with headers of “Today:” and “Tomorrow:” and now those don’t show up at all.

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I think they will, and one reason will be widgets. (No widgets for the initial release but I just think they will be very requested and much more fun with individual list personalization.)

Ah I see. Are you able to fix/work around this by creating an item like that but tapping the underlined phrase (so it ‘deactivates’) and then hitting done?

No, it doesn’t show either as a reminder or as text.

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I reproduced it here, we will prioritize this fix for next build!

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I came to this forum and post because gesture shortcuts were cut. As another commenter here said, that cut feature was totally awesome. Tbh I’m not finding myself use Clear at all anymore without the ability to duplicate a list. Just wanted to voice how that feature was core to my work flows. When / If there is some other way of duplicating lists easily, or if this feature comes back, I will be an avid Clear user again.

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I kinda don’t get why the gestures were cut after the issues with them seemed to have been resolved—or at least, the issues I was experiencing in the first build with gestures were gone by the time they got cut. Crossing my fingers for them to make a return around launch time, if not sooner :crossed_fingers:

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As a dev I can sympathize that gesture support may require greater QA than is desired at this time. Or could grow complex.

But rather than cutting them altogether, I would ask some limits be placed upon them to mitigate how much needs to be tested for instability and such… or even a “coming soon” so I can still describe these features when recommending this app to others!

I write all this out of so much love for the app, btw. Re-reading my initial message I feel I did not properly convey that. I was just surprised I think.

I appreciate the requests for this one. It’s less that we lost faith in it as a feature, more that I think it’s one that would really benefit from rounding out with more actions/gestures, in terms of taking it from something useful for 20% to like 50%. But that is a project!

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