TestFlight #13: The Shop

New in this beta:

:shopping: Collectibles Shop
:calling: Screenshot to Share is back
:spiral_notepad: Includes plain text export option
:weary: Reminders out, needs more design time
:art: Icons for home & personalize lists
:bug: Fixed header visual glitch
:sound: Most sound themes moved to shop


The shop is how we hope to make money with the new Clear. It rotates daily with exclusive collectibles.

The basic idea is treat yourself here or there especially after you’ve had a productive day with Clear.

For the beta, purchases in the shop will not charge your account. However they will not carry over into the final release, so feel free to pick up ones you like to use for the rest of the test.

Reminders: I feel defeated on this one, we need more time to figure this out than current launch plans allow. We’re going to push out a tiny update for Clear that simply checks how many of our base relies on this feature. The plan is to push forward towards initial release, but if we see high numbers come in there, we will consider holding for one more shot at a version of this.

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I noticed a bug in the latest release that for the Bolded entries with the colon at the end of the line, the colon doesn’t get removed when I’m done editing


Kind of an unexpected little regression. Will look into this.

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“This time around, it means we set a release date. (Finally.) See you soon!”

Yes! The best news.


Thanks for the update and for being so (ahem) clear on your intentions with the app. This is refreshing to see, and the obvious care and careful explanation only makes me want to use Clear even more moving forward. I’m one of those people who has been using Clear daily for over a decade now and I don’t see that changing in the future.

What will happen with the eight (and counting?) collectibles that we’ve been able to get through the emails during this beta period? Will we still be able to redeem these during launch week? Will there be more? Do you have any plan for more free themes, icons, etc., or is everything going to be for-pay moving forward? Thanks for your time.


Appreciate hearing that! Hopefully you represent a decent chunk of our longterm base.

Yes the basic plan is they will be a way to immediately unlock for free (during launch week). Some of them will be offered in the store (couldn’t live with gating lego icon to just early adopters forever) but link should redeem.

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Is there a limitation of thoughts in one list when I want to send screenshot of it. I tried to do it with a list with more than 100 thoughts, and there appeared black screen to send in Message app (iMessage)?

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I have noticed some crashiness with extremely long lists, we may actually need to impose some cutoff for the auto cropped screenshot. (Not sure how useful an insanely tall screenshot would be!)

Hey Phil, I think the idea of a shop is a really good idea. As a business you have to make money to sustain relevance, etc. I hope it works out bc it not only harks back to the great early days of the App Store, but it feels suited to the Clear app itself. I’ve been around awhile, and though I’m no expert, I’ve seen greed (including arrogance) ruin many a business in the past. Ones that suddenly alienate their customers by passing on costs to them without being transparent in the first place, then becoming hostile when questioned about it. This only leads to resentment and eventual loss of customers. Customers are quite often prepared to adjust to inflation, etc (within reason) if the business they love is open and honest with them. You seem to be doing just that. It’s a rare thing these days. Well done mate. Anyway, my two cents…! Cheers, Tim

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It does feel like a promising idea on paper at least, hopefully it turns out solid in practice too. Very experimental.

It looks like the first day saw ~400 ‘sales’. That’s a pretty good encouraging sign, though the true test will be where things settle after a week or more. And of course when they actually cost money haha.

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Also account for people like me who go to the shop and all 5 things are already crossed out (for now) so there’s no reason to buy or even explore any of them.

Cool update though. Two quick bugs to report:

  1. Still getting glitched title colors, but this time in the sub-lists: App Icons, Quotes, etc. Can’t say what triggered it, but I was flopping all around in there and ended up with them all in white by the end.

  2. “New shop stock in 8 hours and 50 minut…”, rarely, depending on the numbers.

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Thinking about that but for launch and for some time I figure that will not be the case for most people. There will be a progression reset of some kind for release, thinking maybe the rewards progress could carry forward though.

Hmm yeah I see it in app icons. We’ll look into it.

Oh for sure, I just meant that 400 would have been higher yesterday.

I figure the slate is gonna be wiped completely clean for launch, as it should be.

I only like my lists of themes, fonts, icons, quotes and sounds to be sorted alphabetically. In all of these lists, recently earned items stubbornly return to the top of the respective list after restarting the app.


One more bug - copy paste seems to be broken

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Got it we’ll need to fix it to only be at the top the first time they’re seen after unlocked.

Sorry if this has been addressed, I don’t remember seeing it, but I’m experiencing a bug where if I tap into a task to edit, then tap elsewhere within that line to move the cursor, the edit closes rather than moving it.

I’m pretty much addicted to the Nintendo theme stuff. I assume that will be available to buy with real money?

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They will, though we need to rename them before shipping! But yeah planned as homages :slight_smile:

And @r1y3 yeah we may issue a hot fix for this one this week.

Sunset and Dusk themes are the same. Something went wrong there: