TestFlight #14: Reminders & Polish

New in this build:

:calendar: Swipe past check to set a reminder
:lady_beetle: Fixed text selection regression
:trophy: Reward and unlock popups now have icons
:arrow_heading_up: Tap above home bar to back polish (tinting, hit target, sensitivity)
:pinching_hand: Pinch to go back now completes without needing to release
:arrow_down: Pull to go back now completes without needing to release
:no_entry: Simplified away rippling effect on check off
:nail_care: Polished heat mapping behavior on new items
:ant: Fixed header swiping glitches
:beetle: Hopeful fix for sound effects sometimes interrupting music
:no_entry: Simplified away Simplifications settings
:cockroach: If you have a “X theme preview” list, please delete it
:bug: Fixed visible colon on formatted subheaders
:spider: Fixed title display glitch on some Personalize lists
:ballot_box_with_check: Icons in titles for lists with icons
:mag_right: Icons in home level, rewards etc. shrunk a bit
:memo: FAQ in the Archive
:no_entry: Simplified away loot rarity tags
:hatching_chick: New users default to Heatmap Classic theme
:shopping: New icons, themes, sound themes, quote packs for shop

Reminders is back (once again). But we gave up on NLP for a simpler but sturdier take for release. The reason for the slightly awkward placement and icon is to avoid it flickering in when you’re casually checking things off. I think it will do for now.

Otherwise there is a lot of low hanging fruit polish and fixing that we are finally getting to with most major features/experiments wrapped up. You should feel a solid tightening of the screws in this release.

We have some more under the hood work left to do (data migration / basic data backup system) but it’s really coming together!

P.S. the shop from the last TestFlight is doing well so far. I have absolutely no idea how TestFlight ‘sales’ will translate into real money when it’s actually out, but at least feeling like we can rule out a total hard flop scenario where this idea didn’t make any sense at all to try. Excited to see how it does!

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Really looking forward to this one. Reminders will be huge! Haven’t had a chance to try them yet.
Still no update in TestFlight. Will this be up before the weekend?

Just pushed it now! Build 8039 on TF.

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Perhaps I’m blind, but I can’t find the setting to remove text prompts. Was this removed?

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Yeah it was removed, apologies. I liked how clean it was with them off, but going to push this off a bit and come back to it. (I’m thinking it could serve a purpose for new users, but maybe fade after some use? But that will have to be a post launch experiment.)

Did the FAQ not make it into Archive or am I just not seeing it?

I think we might’ve set it just for fresh install, it’s a very minimal FAQ:

Is there a list of features or interactions?

The Rewards list covers it all!

Where can I get support?


Is it an app or is it a game?

Yep. Play is productive.

Is it a toy or is it a serious tool?

Yes. Less can be more.

Is it fun or is it useful?

Why not both. Enjoy!

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“Fixed visible colon on formatted subheaders” -where can I find out what this is? and it may be related to my other question: did we lose the ability to start an entry with a space to make it a subheading with smaller text ?


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Hm no the smaller captions still work for me. Broken there even on latest TestFlight build?

The subheader’s are when you end an item with a : they format as subheaders. The : gets hidden when formatted but was displaying in the previous build by accident.

all is well, I was doing something wrong. : is creating subheaders and {space} at beginning does smaller text.


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Strong update, oohwie. App’s looking buff. A few little bugs to report:

  • Flick to top/bottom doesn’t work for me anymore. [EDIT: Works today but didn’t last night, weird.]

  • Long (in this case 200 items) screenshots save as glitched/plain black.

  • Not seeing anything in the Archive.

  • @ still in Plamo icon title.

  • And then there’s this. I don’t have anything actively swiped.

I like the new way to set reminders. It’s easy, and emplays a familiar interface.

But please respect the user’s time settings: When 24-hour time is set in Settings → General → Date & Time, do display time as requested, and drop the am/pm stuff. European users (and many others, I suspect) will thank you.

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Reminders back :+1::+1:

And it’s so much easier now to use with the standard date:time interface

I’d suggested the new set time method months ago in the forum so must have been a good idea of mine


Another: Purchases don’t work on my gf’s iPhone 13 Mini. Nothing happens when you swipe.

[EDIT: Fixed.]

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Love that reminders are back! I have a question about that: we’ve seen now reminders now coming and going, being aware of the challenge to integrate them in a good way. Are they yet here to stay or is this still under consideration?

Because to be honest, I love clear and use it for several years now, without reminders, it would not be a feasible app anymore. The coming and going makes me a bit nervous about the final outcome, so that I started to look out for alternatives… although I would really like to stay with clear!

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Yeah they are here to stay.

The back and forth was with the more experimental natural language parsing take, which I think there’s something to, but there was a lot of messiness and edge cases with it remaining to solve.

This is much simpler! And feels totally solid enough for release.

Ah right, that’s a blindspot here. I will note that here to fix.

Cool, much appreciated! :sunglasses:

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Pinching, it turns out, is my default way to leave a list and after two weeks I’m still not used to the physics of the change. It feels like I have to pinch “harder” to get the list to close. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Before it felt like I could lightly pinch and the list would close. It doesn’t anymore. Can you tell me a bit more about why you made the change?


Honestly to make it feel easier/less effortful, but we probably messed something up there. Will try to take a quick look at it today here.

How do you do your pinches? Is it like a very rapid thing and maybe not closing the two fingers that much before you lift off screen?