Team Vacation + Reminders are coming back

Hey all, I’ll be catching up here today but just wanted to share a couple updates:

We are a little spent as a team! So we’re taking this week off. Don’t worry though it’s not like the bad kind of burn out, more like the good kind of exhaustion after just shipping a lot over the past couple months. A week should be good to recharge.

I also just tweeted a little tease of reminders coming back in the next TestFlight beta next week:

We had originally pulled this feature from our shipping plans because the features we had extended and added on top of Apple’s natural language parsing API (for recurring and timer support) not only needed more work to round out, but would then eventually need to be localized… a total nightmare for us as a tiny team.

But recurring support and timers do feel like things we could try to layer on later, so cutting them from this feature for now simplified its scope enough to bring it back.

We’ll see what you all think of the feature and this plan next week :slight_smile:


That is great news, cant wait to have reminders return. Enjoy your much needed week off and happy 4th!


You too! Play some Heads Up if you’re BBQing with friends or family :smiley:


THAT IS SLICK! I :heart: how adding the time, then assigns the reminder time.

Will this work for dates too?


Yes it does! We’re using Apple’s language parser, so it’ll handle stuff like March 3rd or 3/3 etc.


Hoorah for reminders :mega:

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Would love to see that top row with numbers added to keyboard to make it even quicker to add time. Thanks for adding this back