TestFlight #6: Share List Copies/Links

TestFlight #6! Featuring List Sharing


  1. Pull a list right to share a copy of it
  2. Instantly share a link for your copied list
  3. Manage (or delete them) in your Shared Lists
  4. View shared list on web
  5. Tap button to import a copy into Clear

Plus Beautiful Icons by @ilyamiskov, @adamwhitcroft, @MarceloMarfil

I realize it’s not the ‘collaborative list editing’ that we still want someday, but we realized sharing a copy of a list is a very common use case as well and one we felt we could make very low friction and useful for the new Clear’s launch.

If you’ve used one of those Mac apps where it auto uploads when you take a screenshot and copies the link to your clipboard, this take is analogous and similarly low friction and useful.

Here’s an example list link: 💌 Shared Lists

I would consider this feature more in ‘alpha’ state, we have some features and polish we plan to round it out with. Very curious what you all think of this feature.

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@phillryu any test slots available in the TestFlight beta?

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I thought it was going to be today but I messed up and the build that will unlock another 10k slots for future mailings is under review. (If it was a higher build # than the previously approved one it would’ve been instant and skip review.)

I think it will be approved by tomorrow and then I’ll mail out a link with 5k more slots!

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 12.12.49 PM

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One sneaky little tweak I love is you made the options menu at the top match the list theme and not the menu theme. :ok_hand:t3:


Thank you folks for the update! I will be keenly keeping an eye on my mailbox :postbox:

My love for the Clear App is insane, lol I have been checking the MailChimp campaign page for days and testing the beta link over and over.

Clearly evidence of an addiction :joy:
The wait is 90% of the joy.

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Can you elaborate? I just want to make sure this was an on purpose fix haha.

I think the way it was before was that instead of the options being the orange from the list’s personalized Sunset theme, it was always the green from the app-wide Welcome To Miami theme?

I could be making this up, but it jumped right out to me today, and I swear I used to always see the green in all my lists while customizing.

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I know Shared is only in alpha form, but I have some early bugs/feedback.

  1. Random bars left over after deletion. This is after deleting 3 lists. It doesn’t happen every time.

  2. After backing out a tier and re-entering there are still some left over. Closing the app entirely clears them though.

  3. The instructional text is abnormally large (this is in Tiny mode), and missing the period at the end (lol). Might work better as a caption up top(?), or definitely just smaller, like quotes size.

  4. The padding at the top in Archive, Catalog, and Personalize is extra extra in this new version.

Some other thoughts:

  1. I don’t like that sharing is also activated via screenshot. The pull-prompt is enough. For various reasons I am often screenshooting lists (like to create the image above, for example) and I’ve had to go in and weedwhack soooo many accidental lists already from the Shared section just in the last day. [EDIT: Yeah this aspect of it is an absolute mess, haha. I feel like an exterminator.] The screenshot should be for what it used to be for, the plain text/elongated version of screenshots, absolutely key features that I can no longer find.

  2. One of the two pull options on an already-shared list seems like it does nothing? Like I have To Do in there, and the one with the down arrow makes it say “Added To Do” on the bottom. But nothing new happens.

  3. And I guess I don’t really understand the overall point? Like I need better explaining/onboarding. As it stands I’m not sure I’ll use this at all, or what happens at the other end when I send a list to a person, how live updates are viewed, why there are duplicates, if they’re still viewable after I remove them, etc. I want to send some back and forth to my girlfriend to understand it more, but I don’t wanna take up a beta slot unless I’m sure she’ll use the app regularly overall.

More might occur to me. If so, I’ll edit later. Thanks as always for your hard work.

Shared Lists:

  1. Does it upload a list to [ https://share.useclear.com/lists ] ?
  2. Does it generate a random key [ https://share.useclear.com/lists/RandomKey ] ?
  3. Does this work without an internet connection?
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Yes, Yes, and No, the last of which makes sense I think for this feature but we should handle more gracefully. I am pretty sure we will still be shipping a couple other formats to share (text and image for example).

Will catch up here more properly later, had the server go down earlier today and we were debugging it, it ran out of space!

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I get the idea behind this functionality but I personally would be more comfortable if it saved the shared list link on device.

Right now (I know it is still in alpha) one can too easily accidentally “upload” a list without approval.

Feature request:

  • Save shared list link on device
  • Are you sure you want to share this list?
  • Yes / No

The ability to copy and share lists is, for me, essentially the ability to export and import them. This is a welcome addition indeed. I can communicate (even with myself) outside the boundaries of the app. I haven’t yet mastered its uses completely, but I am already grateful for it.

Naturally, as usual, I hope someday to see cross-device and cross-platform synchronization. That will be a whole new world (or rather a recapture of an old world) for this app. I would like to see less attention to cosmetic enhancements. They are no substitute for fundamental extensions of Clear’s power.

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Syncing/merging unfortunately remains a big project for us so hoping to get there eventually. But yeah personalization isn’t just about cosmetics, the next TestFlight build will probably introduce personalizable gesture shortcuts which is turning out satisfying so far and feels like it is an extension of Clear’s power in the way you describe.

Got it, yeah this was likely addressed in this past beta, we have been fixing some theme consistency / spec issues.

We just changed things with caching on the server so any lists you deleted should be gone from server + any new shared list you delete should now delete MUCH more quickly. In my personal testing so far it’s instantaneous, but please let me know if it takes longer for you.

For example this is a link to a list I deleted: https://share.useclear.com/lists/96AAFFBD-8BC1-48F4-BA1F-A7D69533B576

(Also implemented that page instead of ‘not found’.)

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Just pushed an update to this TestFlight, basically #6.1:

• Deleting shared lists should remove them instantly from server (previously was cached)
• Simple “List has been deleted” page vs. 404
• Canceling out of share sheet for link sharing will auto delete/not pop up about share
• List image thumbnails are now compressed for uploading and previewing quicker
• Error handling when unable to reach server
• Fixed link sharing still triggering via screenshot (from old screenshot to share function)

Appreciate the feedback here and bug reports / texts I was sent, I think with a couple more passes over future betas this feature will feel pretty tight.

It’s not collaborative list sharing, but this is nice!

Question: Should you be able to SAVE your own SHARED list? Because that’s what I did by accident when testing and I ended up with a duplicate list.

I shared one of my lists.
Then I went to Shared Lists.
I then saved a copy of my own shared list.
I now have two identical lists.

I wouldn’t know which list is which, except I think the new list copy gets added to the top of your lists. If the list count feature were to return, at least you could get an idea if a list has been revised if the list count number has changed.

Maybe there should be a time/date stamp somewhere maybe in a list settings?

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Yeah I think this is a useful functionality but that case is confusing. Let me think on that here and see what comes up.

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Hi phillryu,

I missed out on the recent beta offer. Was really looking fwd to testing New Clear, but happy to stick with the original for the time being.

Will there be anymore beta offers before you release the app to the public later in the year?

It’s no biggie, but I can’t really offer any suggestions when I’m in the dark so-to-speak.



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