TestFlight #4: Individual list personalization! + further typography tightening, 6 new collectible icons and more

What’s new in this build:

NEW: Swipe right on list title while in list to personalize
Restored swipe list left to delete
Reduced size scaling of upper app levels
Font size options moved above font choices
Secret themes removed, collection count updated
Fixed visual glitch on certain themes
Fixed consistency issues when selecting personalizations
6 new icons! Thank you @nobtaka for your whimsical contribution!

TestFlight #3: Collectible App Icons, Swipe Left to Archive List and some more
TestFlight #2: Collectible Fonts & Loot Drops, NLP Reminders disabled for launch
TestFlight #1: Experimental back gesture


Gunpla (:pray: @nobtaka)
Test Pilot




As soon as I opened it I smiled. Everything looks perfect and to scale, in medium font at least :grin:

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copying my reply from twitter: yiiis, medium size is now PERFECT :pinched_fingers:t2::pinched_fingers:t2::pinched_fingers:t2:


Awesome to hear on padding/font size tweaks. (The main culprit was an overtuned text multiplier for higher levels of the app, just took a bit to isolate that from the other various padding/scaling rules involved.)


OMG Team Clear this is just awesome!! The personalisation works brilliantly :slightly_smiling_face:
Congratulations and well done on continuing to refine your app to perfection.
One feature not noted in your #4 update though, is the ability at the top level List listing to swipe right on an individual List title and bring up the Share of either Text or Photo menu ~ This Is Brilliant!
Copy text in a List

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Oh! Lol we keep accidentally releasing things (or accidentally unreleasing them) in the past few builds. Oops, getting a handle on our feature flags.

But yes, pull right to share a list is preparing for a future sharing focused beta.

Btw love how excited you are! Thank you, excited about how it’s shaping up so far.

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Ha! I noticed the share too but, since it wasn’t in the release notes, I figured I must have missed it in the last one. Text or Screenshot. Was that an accident?

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I suppose it was, but we won’t take it back or anything. Just released that part of it earlier than expected I guess!

Screenshot to Share was a pretty neat trigger in the way it’s discoverable yet hidden away until you need it. But if you’re sharing lists a lot, (and perhaps there will be more useful ways to share lists than plain text or cropped screenshots,) it felt annoying and cumbersome to always have a screenshot added to your photos whenever you shared. So this definitely feels cleaner in that way, though less discoverable.

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And in Tiny too! So good to be a able to personalize List contents.


This is great! It always used to annoy me that I could paste a text list into Clear and it would automatically create separate items for each element, but not share a Clear list out of the app as text into another app (and it preserve individual items). One suggestion though, it seems a little annoying, to have to come out of the list to the level above in order to share it. It would be more elegant if you could share it from within the list itself. Perhaps change the list personalization action to be ‘swipe left’, and make the share list action ‘swipe right’ (like it is on the level above) for consistency?

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I’m wondering if we could make these a part of personalizable gestures we have been tinkering on internally. But yeah will be thinking on share while in list or defaults for that.

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