TestFlight #7: Personalizable Gestures

Is this build 8022? That’s what I’m running now in TestFlight.

Or do we have to like “re-appy” to test new(er) features?

Nevermind… I see it now.

So, I’m running Build 8022 and I assigned the Two Finger Tap to Sort Alphabetically.

The problem arose that if I PINCH to close the list, the momentary placement of two fingers apart before the PINCH motion seems to count as a Two Finger Tap.

I tested it and any two fingers, no matter how close together or far apart, triggers the assigned command. I suggest, if possible, only two fingers together counts as the Two Finger Tap gesture.

Otherwise, the Pinch to Close will trigger the wrong action (in my case sort alphabetically instead of closing the list).

ALSO… I may have experienced a bug where…

  1. I sort a list alphabetically (functions as normal)
  2. I then re-sort to my liking.
  3. I close the list via the Home Bar Tap gesture.
  4. I return to the list and the current sort is still there. (expected result)
  5. I work in the app for a little bit; return to that original list… it has magically sorted alphabetically again. (WHAT?!)

Request: I would like to CHOOSE how Sort Alphabetically operates. It can Sort Alphabetically ALL THE TIME. OR it can be a 1-time command (sort alphabetically as a starting point, then I can move things around to fit my needs; then the list remains in manual mode again.)

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Yeah, I’ve also had a few instances where some (admittedly lazy) drag to move or pull apart to add in betweens have been counted as two finger hold duplicate and have caused the app to crash.

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Thank you, DrSnortax, for the detailed explanation, same happens to me.

Yeah, I’ve had to turn off the Alpha Sort feature because it was just too frustrating right now.

Back from vacation here, and we’re looking into fixing this now. The hot fix was kind of rushed out and a decent lesson of the costs of doing that!

I think we can sort this out, between the two finger tap, hold variant, and pinches.

Alpha sort should really only happen when invoked via the gesture, as a one time thing per gesture input, so that is some bug. I wonder if related with the wires being crossed with these gestures.