TestFlight #16: iPad (no sync) + fixes/polish/content

Turns out to submit the new Clear update, we must include an iPad version. So…

iPhone design but bigger
Basic split-view support

Gift Clear web page for the unique links when the app is not installed
Support for launch rewards app URL unlocks
Pre-fetch price in shop to fix flicker
Tag free IAP in the shop Free!
Analytics events for link redeemed, and completions for gift rewards
Quotes pack list collection count
Fixed unlocked theme collection count
Haptics for changing collectibles, purchasing in shop
Properly disabled personalized gestures set from old betas
Disabled per-list personalization via drag and drop for launch
App Ratings popup 5s after unlocking collectible
Disable share popup if you exited Gift Clear before it popped
Rename “Lists” to “My Lists” on home level and lists level
Fix no strikethrough for text with emoji
Simple popup confirmation when deleting lists

New reward: Gesture Guru
New reward: Window Shopper
New reward: Transcended
New reward: Inspired
New reward: Planner
Cut Comic Sans & Papyrus
Renamed many collectibles
Many new collectibles for shop

We are hoping the next TestFlight will be basically the submission candidate build. So I hope this feels very close!

TestFlight #15: New keyboard/quick add behavior, Gift Clear preview + lots of polish/fixes
TestFlight #14: Reminders & Polish
TestFlight #13: The Shop
TestFlight #12: Sound Themes & Polish/Fixes
TestFlight #11: Simple Fun (Quote Packs, More Rewards)
TestFlight #10: Simplifications
TestFlight #9: Rewards and some cuts
TestFlight #8: NLP Reminders
TestFlight #7: Personalizable Gestures
TestFlight #6: List Sharing
TestFlight #5: Legacy Theme Support + Content DropTestFlight #4: Individual list personalization, 6 new collectible icons and more
TestFlight #3: Collectible App Icons, Swipe Left to Archive List and some more
TestFlight #2: Collectible Fonts & Loot Drops, NLP Reminders disabled for launch
TestFlight #1: Experimental back gesture


Mac 84 has my heart….

Did you unlock it already? Wait, how? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah right, forgot I had shared that here. Got it.

What’s up with this “app update required” in Shop?

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There’s a small batch of collectibles we didn’t quite get into this TestFlight, if it happens again I’ll prune it.

Just wanna make sure y’all have this glitch written down.


Hi Phill, when Clear 2.0 update launches in App Store, how will migration work if we have both Clear 1.0 and TestFlight Clear beta installed? I have different lists in both so wasn’t sure if we’ll lose access to beta version.

Loving your vision for Clear 2.0 and super excited to see it come to fruition!

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We should be wrapping that up next week. It will be something like, once you have new Clear updated (release version), opening beta should popup a migration option. And then it will import into release new Clear, perhaps moving your old lists into archive.

And that’s great to hear! We’re all very excited to have this finally, finally out there.


Will the final app sync with the iPad?

It will not! That’s a really big project in future roadmap.

Hi Phill, how do we trigger the new inspired reward? I’m shaking my phone on quotes section of personalize section and can’t seem to trigger the reward


It sounds broken! Appreciate the report. (I have been switching back and forth in some internal branch builds here and missed testing that one.)

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting an item in the Clear shop that says “App Update Required”. This may be working as intended with the public release impending (ahem), but I am on this latest TestFlight version (8045) on the iPhone. Everything else is looking great. Best of luck with the launch!

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Thanks, was just looking at this and it seems the Vegas sound theme wasn’t showing up. Will check on that!

Update: can confirm, fixed for future.

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Really excited about the new version coming. On the question about sync with ipad as a future project. I really do rely on reminders between both devices for my work. Any projection on how long a project this will involve?

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Hmm on one hand I would be kind of surprised if we aren’t internally testing and prototyping syncing of some kind next year. But I’m wary of putting out anything close to an estimate.

A few years ago we were taking a crack at this for like… six months, and it was not enough to nail it, or feel confident in getting there in X amount of time. Very difficult taking it from 98% robustness to 99% and so forth… I guess I would hope when we return to it we have some fresh eyes and a better achievable plan or design approach.

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. I cannot imagine the complexity of all this programming.

I have enjoyed the syncing on iCloud between my devices on the Clear app online now. Will miss not having that, even if it is 90% reliable, would be happy to have it working with both devices. Please encourage the programmers to make it a priority even above other bells and whistles because of reliance on the apple ecosystem of syncing. Thx for your fine product.

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I miss it too. Appreciate your patience with us on this one.

Can’t wait to gift this app to our project manager and our scrum master. So excited!

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