What's New in the New Clear ✨

We’re really excited to feel like we’re on the final stretch of finally delivering the new Clear to the world. If you’re curious what’s new in it, this is the place.

Here’s a list of the new things in the new Clear available in the latest TestFlight builds for testers:

  • New design that further distills and amplifies Clear’s colorful charm
  • Rewritten from the ground up for the next decade
  • 50+ vibrantly colorful edge-to-edge themes to collect
  • The Archive to keep your active lists focused
  • Simple Styles for basic fluent text styling (subheads and captions so far)
  • Intuitive new gestures for batch dragging and dragging between lists
  • Multi-touch swipe delete or check off many items at once
  • Haptics, fluid new animations and even more satisfying sounds
  • Hundreds of new inspirational quotes

Introduced in TestFlight #1:

Introduced in TestFlight #2:

Introduced in TestFlight #3:

Introduced in TestFlight #4:

Introduced in TestFlight #5:

  • Legacy Themes support

There will be several new features added to the list by the time we ship. Many of them will revolve around personalization! Having a lot of fun there with the new Clear being such a beautiful blank canvas for your thoughts, and now more precisely your personal tastes and moods as well.

Will update the list as we go.

P.S. If you’re interested in helping test the new Clear beta you can sign up here!


Thank you Phill, I very much like the bottom tap to leave. Already missing it elsewhere :blush:

Please sort my other posts, sorry for adding any off them to the wrong thread.

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Updated with some relevant links in the ongoing release notes, will be treating this as a live draft on the road to shipping.

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The natural language for adding dates and times is no longer working for me

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Apologies adm, we had to turn this off for the initial 2.0 release… the best I can describe it is there was a lot of hidden ‘final 10%’ of work to do on it that would eat up a couple months of dev time to make it really work for all our international users etc. We’re hoping to find a better angle that we can handle more properly. I am pretty sure reminders will be the #1 requested feature in our update roadmap so we’ll be motivated to figure that out.

Really excited to see Clear in development again and can’t wait to try the new version.

Are you still adding people to TestFlight or working with what you have?

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Sorry about the late reply! We are adding people still, sending out more slots in each weekly project update. (UseClear.com for the signup.) It’s been a shortage so far of them but we’ll see if we can finally unlock 10,000 more test slots ahead of next mailing…