Recruiting testers who are having gesture conflict issues since the last TestFlight

If you’ve been experiencing gesture conflict issues lately (for example some gestures no longer working, or pinching crashing the app etc.) can you note the issue you encountered or link forum post if you already posted?

I will DM you another TestFlight link for a possible fix build later today.

Trying to track these down and see if we can fix it in time for the next TestFlight release and any help verifying on fixes or extra eyes on this would be very helpful :pray:


Two similar (possibly related) bugs:

Both of these involve “pinch to close” gesture so I think they’re related. I can no longer move items between lists (maybe just coincidence but it seemed like I managed to do it successfully half the time, but today I can’t get it to work at all).

Thanks Joey, should have a build for you to try later today. What device are you on? (Does it support force or 3D Touch?)

And what gesture actions did you have set to home bar tap, tap and hold, and 2 finger gestures?

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I’m on an iPhone 12 (latest OS, 16.5.1) and here are my settings for Gestures:

If it helps -

Just looking at my screenshot, I had a suspicion, so I did a few tests. I think the issue may be related to using “two finger tap.” When I changed it to “none” the issue I was having with the Pinch to Close gesture and moving items between lists seems to have disappeared. I assume using two fingers to pinch confused things, causing a conflict between two-finger-tap and pinch to close.

Yeah this tracks with what we’ve been seeing here. Will keep you posted here, thank you.

Is the issue with pinch gestures registering as two-finger tap/hold part of this? I wrote a bit about that here. I ended up turning off two-finger tap = duplicate for now, since I was constantly discovering accidental duplicates of lists and thoughts.

Since the last update I can no longer easily pull two tasks apart to add a task in between. Nearly every time I do it takes me our of the list. Weirdly, on occasion if I do it really slowly it works. But not consistently. 90% of the time it just closes the list.

Thank you all! I have a build for you to test. You will first have to open TestFlight and remove yourself from the current beta test, then use the link below. It will preserve your lists/app and update over it.

If the above installs as a separate app, delete it and use this link instead, we had to set up a new SKU as of the past few email signups to accommodate more testers:

Let me know how it goes, hoping we can get this resolved before we send it out to all testers.

Hi used the original clear many years ago and just downloaded again . To my surprise it’s stable on the iPhone 14 pro max and on Developer beta 17
Any chance of getting another beta spot for clear?