TestFlight #5: Legacy Theme Support + Content Drop

TestFlight #5! Featuring Legacy Theme support + content drop!

  • “Legacy” Heatmap theme (with black completed area)
  • iMac line of themes
  • Added Chicago FLF font
  • Journal, Neon, and Foundation (by @novikoff) app icons
  • Removed redundant Notes and Hemingway themes
  • Restored previously missing set of themes:

Clear X
Glow in the Dark
Red Eye
Night Owl

Note: also simplified away highlighting/darkening layer when editing items in a list.

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Not you guys coming out of nowhere and creating my favorite time of the week.


Yeah, Heatmap is it. That’s all I need. :+1: :+1:

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Yes!! Got the Heatmap, now all I need is the Lego icon and my life is complete, I’ll have reached the pinnacle of achievement!


Oh Heatmap is strangely comforting. The weird visual bug from rapidly crossing and clearing seems to be resolved as well. Very nice.

Edit: I spoke too soon, I was just able to recreate the visual artifact again, but it took a lot of work this time.

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That’s still on our list! I was under the impression that with ‘normal’ usage it pops up rarely for most users. But if it’s much more common for more of you we can escalate it.

What’s this visual bug? I’ve never seen anything that I would describe like that. But, when I use Clear normally, I’m never doing anything rapidly.

if you cross off then pull to clear large portions at a time, lines of color will be left behind. It has become less frequent as the beta has progressed but it still exists.

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I joined as of Testflight #5.

Is the best way to send feedback/bug :beetle: reports by going through the Testflight app or by using this discussion group?

Thanks & Cheers!


I do both. It’s rare to have the ears of developers as we do right now so I use all channels to communicate with them.


Between the two I would favor the discussion group! There may be an existing thread to add to or if not, starting one is great to let the community join in on reproducing or reporting etc. Welcome aboard.


The iMac colour themes look great!

Can’t wait to get a slot on TestFlight


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I really really need reminders to come back. I’m a designer and I always need to be setting tasks that I need to do on my projects otherwise I forget to check. It was clunky right now with the text predictions but it was useable. :frowning:

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The Lego Icon is legit!