TestFlight #11: Simple Fun (Quote Packs, More Rewards etc.)

New Clear TestFlight #10 is out for testers and introduces quote packs, adds a whole bunch of new rewards/achievements, and includes some other fixes and tweaks.

Here’s a quick video going over this build and list of changes in it:

Overall there’s more polish, fixing and rounding out to do, but our list of remaining major user-facing features we need to ship with is now down to one: the shop. But it’s starting to come together.

TestFlight #10: Simplifications
TestFlight #9: Rewards and some cuts
TestFlight #8: NLP Reminders
TestFlight #7: Personalizable Gestures
TestFlight #6: List Sharing
TestFlight #5: Legacy Theme Support + Content DropTestFlight #4: Individual list personalization, 6 new collectible icons and more
TestFlight #3: Collectible App Icons, Swipe Left to Archive List and some more
TestFlight #2: Collectible Fonts & Loot Drops, NLP Reminders disabled for launch
TestFlight #1: Experimental back gesture


Simple Black is fixed! :black_heart:


When will time / date feature be added back for reminders??

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With this newest update when I select a new app icon it doesn’t change. No matter which icon I select it stays on the one I had selected before

I had the same issue, restarting fixed it for me.

A couple pieces of feedback for this version:

First, I really hope you guys aren’t set on changing the default icon to this new version. I know we can customize the icon ourselves but on the app store / website it will make clear look like every other checklist app created as a student project in a week or two, totally erasing the visual identity of the app.

Second, I hope that disabling quotes will return since it was already implemented and seems like a strange thing to omit when all the quote packs exist. (Unless the worry is that giving users this ability would curb their appetite for quote packs in the store, but hopefully that’s not the thought process :sweat_smile:)

Also would’ve brought up the loot / rewards duplication bug, but it seems like you’re already aware of it :slight_smile:


I have been thinking a little about the default starting theme… mostly in the context of I love the idea of people getting a little ‘wizard of oz turning color’ moment when they unlock or apply their first colorful theme.

But I agree in the App Store context especially we probably lose too much here. The heatmap is very good at representing minimalism + color/fun = useful and that captures the app’s uniqueness well. So shipping with the white icon in the store is probably pretty unlikely… just gonna think a bit here in case there’s some way to thread this needle.

And yeah disabling quotes option isn’t intended to be cut! We just didn’t quite finish moving it to the Quotes section as ‘no quotes’ for this build. Should be in next, as well as some fixes for these rewards showing up as blank rows.


The reminders, even though they’re working well, are once again fully visible. Was this intentionally left or is it a bug?

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It is intentional, but it’s a bit of a mess right now because some of this is more involved to change (mostly underlining behavior that’s custom). Hoping to wrap up this pass for next TF. The goal in this pass is basically:

• Tap recognized phrase to activate
• Retain underline after hitting done (on an activated reminder) vs. top right tag as indication of scheduled reminder
• Do not replace what you typed with the absolute time/date

The target being kind of like, if you wrote this down on a paper list you might underline the ‘tomorrow’ in an item to emphasize/remind yourself.

Small bug: Looks like the Dusk theme is set to Sunset?

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Small Bug: FYI: Neither “I :heart: Papyrus” nor “I :heart: Comic Sans” will check off the rewards list for me. I think it may be due to there cannot be a ‘line drawn through the list’ due to the emoji. (though I test with :heart: and with the word heart


Hmm we were adding/rearranging with some times of day themes/rewards, Dusk/Sunset let me look into that might’ve messed up.

And yeah we were just looking into the emoji issue earlier, will fix that for next build in some way.

If it helps narrow this down, I was able to collect the I :heart: Comic Sans. The I :heart: Papyrus however does seem to be broken

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Text is still too large for me even when on Tiny and with different fonts.
Also my numbers are missing on how many items I have in lists.
Love the quotes and have it on Dad jokes :sweat_smile:

It would be good to also have a toggle to show/hide item count.


item count >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Could something like this be considered? :grin: @phillryu Following the font color of each theme, and it looks nice on the phone.


I’ve posted this before, but this is my ideal.


We have a ‘complications’ bucket right now where we are putting some explored/cut features and ideas into. List count is a decent example, app icon badging is another. They clearly provide some subset of users some benefit, but they are also not something I want on by default for users (in this case I do feel they can add noise to the quietness of the app, can be useful noise but also not that useful for many users who gravitate towards Clear).

We’re going to be sleeping on this bucket for quite some time, if they are truly appropriate for Clear and if so, how do we bring them in without diluting the core simplicity.

Also FWIW I conceded to list counts in Clear 1.0 only because we needed some reliable margin to tap to enter lists. But in the new Clear, thanks to a user suggestion it’s a very quick tap/hold/release to edit List titles, and the result is you can quick tap anywhere on the row to open the list, which is what you do way more. So that’s part of why they were rebooted away for now.

(Oh, will also note we’re planning to polish up some more the state where a list you’re done with is struck through reliably in the lists view.)

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yeah, this is good :grinning: