TestFlight #15: New keyboard/quick add behavior, Gift Clear preview + lots of polish/fixes

New in this build:

Hit next on keyboard to keep listing
Swipe down keyboard or tap above to dismiss
This simplifies away ‘tap to quick add’ for now
Apologies on muscle memory!!

I promise this will be the last semi experimental thing. Our hope is, past muscle memory, this is much simpler to pick up and allows you to list a bunch of things quickly/easily. (And I suspect that for many first time Clear users the current/old app’s behavior feels weird.)

I wish we had thought to try this earlier in the beta, but we really want to try it before we release the app free on the App Store to lots of new people.

Please let me know if it starts feeling solid after you get a little used to it.

Preview of Gift Clear rewards
Links are WIP and will not work during beta

Back ‘button’ pulses until it is first used
Updated tutorial lists (Welcome + Gestures Tutorial)
“Listing Tips” quote pack

Can now sort home/personalize lists
Fixed crashing/performance with pulling to clear tons of items
Performance/crash fix for screenshot to share
Reminders tags now support 24-hour clock
Fixed reminder glyph misalignment
Simplified away ‘done’ / ‘reschedule’ from iOS pushes
Added haptic on tapping popups that navigate you
Titles in home/personalize now truncate with huge fonts
Rewards progress tags match custom font
‘Pull to Clear’ text now match custom font
Fixed heatmapping on Rewards list
Fixed wrong sound on deleting completed items
‘New!’ tag on just unlocked collectibles
Shop rotations may now feature free fonts
Can now tap to preview shop & reward fonts
Can now tap to preview in Rewards/Gift Clear
Fixed inflated collection count
Fixed sorting issues in collection lists
Fixed glitching Heatmap theme icon
Shop now rotates morning US timezones
All unlock popups now have icons

Updated most quote pack icons
54 new free fonts in shop inventory
8 new quote packs in shop inventory
New rewards: Heavy Lifter and Obsessed
New Vegas sound theme in shop inventory

It’s getting quite close to release!

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Crazy good, fellas. A couple quick things for ya:

  • All of my lists that are old enough to qualify have reverted to my old individual list personalization themes and aren’t able to be changed.

  • Sunset is still Dusk.

  • Othello theme doesn’t show an X when you delete a list.

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Oh whoops, I did notice my upcoming list reverted to custom theme… will look into this but it’s possible we skip IF we are pretty sure this won’t be a case in the shipping version. In my case I worked around it by just making a new list and moving all the other items in a batch to it, but that could be a lot depending.

This is really starting to feel a lot more polished! It’s a joy to use and I’m looking forward to the release


Next is exactly what I didn’t know Clear needed. Love it!


Are custom themes for lists coming back though?

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which one is the othello theme?? I don’t have it :cry:

Looks like the Realist reward maybe?

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I think so, though I don’t mind some extra time to think about its design and the simplest version of it. Holding back for now to see how people react to all the collectibles in general first.

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Oh, I didn’t earn that yet :smile:

The Next function is a great new feature—love it.


Hello. It’s looking great. I think the shop is broken as I can’t make purchases. Also could you sort the shop into different sub lists such as sounds, themes, icon etc?

Hmm can you check in TestFlight app what build you’re on? I think this is the first I’ve heard of no purchases working and that’s a big bug if so! (oh and if anyone else is seeing this please chime in.)

Hello - I have just tried to buy again. I am not seeing the purchase options from yesterday. It’s v2.0.0 (8044)

That sounds like the newest beta build. Have you been swiping things right in the shop to buy them? (Like checking off.) I realize this might not be immediately obvious.

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Morning! Just had a go as I am left handed and normally I do try one way and then the other but you are absolutely right. It’s working. For some reason I was not swiping right. Can you put a wee prompt on the top of the shop for us lefties who forget.

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OK yeah definitely a design wrinkle to address!