TestFlight #12: Sound Themes & Polish/Fixes

:loud_sound: NEW: Sound Themes, the final collectibles type
:bento: Sorting enabled for Themes, App Icons, etc.
:trophy: Swipe to claim completed Rewards
:thought_balloon: Added a “No Quotes” quotes pack
:basketball: Bounce feedback backing out home level
:keyboard: Fixed keyboard fidgeting when quick adding
:white_check_mark: Polished checking off animations
:bug: Fixed duplicate collectibles showing empty

Sound themes in progress by Josh Mobley and Sam Campoli, all are unlocked for testing. Please note they are works in progress, about 50% filled in so far, but curious what you all think of them so far:

We may do a quicker TestFlight next tying up a few threads, and then it will be the shop!

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I’m liking it so far, but is crashing every time I select Archive.

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Oh good catch… we’re planning a smaller TestFlight 12.1 next week, will get this fix in.

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Just pushed a hot fix! Archive does not crash anymore here.

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Just updated here and it works like a charm! Thank you for the quick fix :+1:t3:

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Myself, I don’t care for additional sounds. The OG Clear had “a sound” and I love it. I know I’m using Clear because that sound reinforces it. I get that people want choice, but one sound is something that embeds in you.

If you loved the original Clear’s sounds, we are planning to port a sound theme for it as well. (The new Clear’s default sounds were all redesigned.)

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Reporting this “Personalize” font color bug when switching themes.

EDIT: And a few more while I’m here since you’re about to ship.

  1. There’s still the long-term bug of if you pull apart to add an item between crossed-off items at the bottom, the app crashes. I only ever do this by accident, but still.

  2. Hard press to back out doesn’t work on my gf’s iPhone 13 Mini.

  3. Not really a bug, but if you paste an outside list in that has breaks in the middle,

  • Like

  • This

  • List,

it’ll add the empty rows in the middle instead of not, which probably shouldn’t be.


I see that issue too, will try to fix for next build.

I don’t think the 13 mini has 3D Touch, Apple basically gave up on that hardware functionality years ago sadly.

Makes sense, that’s too bad. Figured it was phone-related. Another reason for me to delay upgrading, lol.

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The sounds are fantastic. My main feedback after a few days is that most of the sounds are too quiet with my volume set to where I usually have it on my phone and while I’m doing just normal everyday stuff. Default and Gamified are good and I hear them perfect. Tropical is just a tad quiet, and then the rest I can’t really hear unless it’s quiet in my house. But yeah, love these and how they pair up so well with the other personalization options.


Great to hear, I’ll pass this along to the sound designers on volume.

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Just to report that on this latest TF, checking off items is a lot slower than usual. It’s like when you swipe to the right to clear, it takes just a bit longer than usual for the checked off item to go down to completed items and to switch to next item to clear.

This one is kind of by design. Basically in previous builds, when you checked off the item would immediately fly down (diagonally). In this build it snaps back before dropping down. I think this feels more satisfying and cleaner, but without getting too much in the weeds, we needed to introduce a 0.25s window where you can’t interact with the row while it is checked off. So it’s possible if you are swiping faster than 4 times a second you could hit this. Something we plan on polishing to a more final place later on but figure it’s an edge case for now.

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