Clear 2.1 & 2.1.1 (Widgets, Per List Personalization, Daily Quote, Mini & Nano Font Sizes)

Clear 2.1.1 is now available to manually update to from the App Store!

Please give it a spin and report back with any issues especially. If things look good I will push it out to auto-installs.

New in 2.1.1:

For info density lovers:
• Introducing Micro & Nano font sizes
• (Find under Personalize > Fonts)

• Fixed per list fonts applying to captions and subheaders
• Legacy sound pack fixed
• Fixed bug reordering sound packs
• Fixed Watermelon icon for shop customers

New in 2.1:

Tap & hold home screen wallpaper, then + to add
Personalize each list widget with your themes

Themes, fonts, icons, sounds supported
(Find under each collection)

New opt-in feature for a daily inspirational quote
(Find under Quotes)


  • Reduced hierarchical row scaling for small and tiny font settings
  • New volume settings options under Sounds
  • Early Adopters unlocks retired
  • Fixed crash on cold launch of Clear via push
  • Sound compression pass to reduce download size
  • More themes unlocked to start (from Oz set)
  • Starting template lists for new users (Groceries, Trip Plans, etc.)
  • Tagging on home level for new unlocks, rewards to claim, shop refresh
  • Shop preview icons for themes preview each level
  • Some Rewards bug fixes
  • Rewards organized into sublists to be less overwhelming
  • Gift Clear rewards moved to Rewards
  • Awesome collectibles for the Shop
  • Rate the app link in Shop

Following this update, we are planning a 2.1.1 that should bring checking off/unchecking off (via tapping along the left margin) to widgets and some other fixes and improvements as well as preparation for a first shop weekend event.

(Will also note there is a lot more we want to do with widgets with future updates, and personalized font support is high on that list! As well as a kind of ‘App Icons Dock’ widget type, but more on that later.)


Excellent, we are waiting :+1:t3:


So upon a reinstall of Clear 2.1 as a Clear Legacy user I am no longer obtaining the legacy/classic themes for free?

We are trying to get a simpler iCloud backup/restore system into Clear soon so collections/rewards progress and lists are preserved!


Thanks for clarifying.

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Just so I’m clear cough cough no pun …. Oh never mind…

What users have on their phones/Clear app (themes, lists, etc) will not disappear with this next update (or shouldn’t :grimacing:)?

I’m only 10% kidding when I say that Welcome to Miami changed my life forever!!

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Should be good there! (Just don’t uninstall the app until we get the iCloud backups/restores in.)

Submitted! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly, could be available on App Store as early as tomorrow afternoon if so.


Cool, thanks for the reply! No doubt. I always keep a version of any app I test available for fear of a worse case scenario. Learned my lesson long ago with a different app. :grimacing:

Has integration with iOS shortcuts been fixed? If not, any idea when Clear will get support for shortcuts? I’ve been holding off upgrading since this is something I use on a daily basis.

I think it will be probably later this year, but if you post in this thread what shortcuts you most relied on / use cases you used it for in this thread it would be helpful when we get back to it: Support for Shortcuts on iOS broken in Clear 2

It’s going to be interesting with ‘power users’ for Clear 2.x, when we get to shortcuts it will likely be paired with personalizable gesture shortcuts which could be a bit of a game changer.

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trying to work out your time difference, would that mean it probably wont appear for 10 hours or so, so i should stop spamming my app store upgrades for a bit :slight_smile:

I actually just realized I added for review but didn’t actually submit it last night :man_facepalming: Submitted now, I’m expecting it to enter review probably late todayish? And then it can be very quick or take up to a few hours. So I guess it’ll either be out tonight (12-15 hours from now) if I’m up, or tomorrow assuming it goes through but takes a little longer.


Does the 2.1 update fix the Gift Clear rewards? I have not been able to redeem any of them even though people used my link.

I believe it addressed a small issue for some people claiming their starting unlocks, but we have to review the referral system further for that situation. (You weren’t running Clear 2.x on multiple devices were you? That was one issue on our radar.) It’s on our list for upcoming smaller updates!

Clear 2.1 is now available to manually update to from the App Store!

Please give it a spin and report back with any issues especially. If things look good I will push it out to auto-installs.


Apple was fast :heart_eyes:

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No I only use my iPhone. I hope the Gift Clear rewards are fixed soon, I would like to get the last sound pack at least!

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I have a new icon named “artwork”. Is this intended?

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Not the name, but acquiring it yes, swapped it in for Patron of the Indie Arts reward. (Intended name is “Work of Art”

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