Theme Unlock Stuck…?

Loving the new Clear so far! I did notice though that my Theme unlocks seem stuck? I’ve got 14/14 Icons, 27/27 Fonts, but only 57/71 Themes, and no matter how long i try, it won’t unlock any more. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but figured I’d post in case it wasn’t.

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Totally the same here! Perhaps a ‘feature’ of the latest beta? Not that it’s a problem, I’ve got masses of choice :sunglasses:

Just to clarify, you’re also stuck at 57/71 exactly?

@the1payday I thought so but I’ve just checked and I’ve got 58! Fonts and icons are the same as yours. No new themes today though.

I think some are hard to unlock and may even only be unlockable after launch. Phill noted in the last newsletter:

There’s so much stuff to collect in the new Clear that they’ll now be dropping as a random chance for loot on clearing away completed items (the more the better your chances) in the new Clear, along with the usual secret unlocks.

What are you guys even doing to unlock stuff? I’m at like 7 fonts and 6 icons and nothing budges no matter what I do. How many things do you have to complete?

I’ve got the exact same numbers and also no luck at unlocking more themes since.

I’m also stuck, the email I got (2 of them) only opened the previous Clear app and didn’t unlock any new kit for me.

What’s weird is, I actually unlocked all 3 of the e-mail card special icons, just by clearing stuff in the app, the same way I unlocked all the others.

Nice, you lucked out. I went in and started clearing a ton of stuff too hearing from others that it was the way. As far as I can tell it isn’t doing anything for me. Maybe it’s a big in mine and it will update at some point.

I haven’t unlocked any of the new bits since the new update. How on Earth do you have so many??

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I’m stuck at the same exact spot right now. @phillryu, is this a limitation with the current TestFlight build?

Has anyone managed to unlock (I haven’t) the late night themes such as Red Eye, Glow in the Dark and Black Light? Apparently, they’ll be unlocked if you do a late night getting things done.

I have 26 of 71 themes, 8 of 14 icons, and 13 of 27 fonts, all from constantly clearing things in the Getting Started list. Cross off a few items, pull to clear, repeat until you’re loopy. :slight_smile:


Not yet, but I did get a Simple Black and Minimalist Dark last night while working. Simple Black is really nice.

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It is basically, there are a set of secret themes we added for WWDC many years ago but we are pulling them next beta and that will fix the count for now.

Btw we are also looking into rigging up a small chance for drops to checking off items. (Not just clearing them.) Not sure if this will make it into next TF but probably next next one if not.

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Btw with this apparently becoming the unofficial thread for loot addicts here’s a forum exclusive of some more icons in the works…


Oh my God look at Neon!!!

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And here’s one more I was planning to tweet in a few days. If we support ‘legacy themes’ (with the black completed area) it could also enable some fun other theme ideas:


Ah, gotcha. I did unlock the Dub Dub theme though. Is that one of the themes that are being pulled?