Copy text in a List

I really wish we could text a copy of the list instead of just emailing them. I use clear all the time and it would be awesome to text my husband a list!

This is a very exciting feature in the new version of Clear

  • Take a screenshot of your list when you are in it.
  • Up pops two versions of your list ~ an editable text copy of your list and a full photo of the same.
  • Tapping on either one brings up the IOS share menu allowing you to save or forward (eg Text Message) that list.


Vagitus? Is that real?

Seems so! Vagitanus - Wikipedia

That’s a nice feature to have, but the UI is pretty bad, IMO. The problem is, you get a screenshot in your photo album as a side effect, leading to a need to go and remove it later (unless you’re okay with extra junk in the photo album). I guess it taps into some sort of hook telling the app that the user took a screenshot?

There are various gestures that could be used to trigger this action instead. One is the title of the list, as seen when you are in the list: Either a long tap, or a drag, or long tap followed by a drag, could be used as a trigger. None of those actions seem to do anything at the moment. Using one of them seems to be better aligned with the basic feel of the app.


Yeah we’re rethinking this for similar reasons. What’s likely is ‘take screenshot’ will be one of the personalizable gestures coming up that you can optionally assign something like share list or copy list as text to.

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TestFlight #4: Individual list personalization! + further typography tightening, 6 new collectible icons and more

I just tried to use the screenshot and this doesn’t work

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It will return in the next TestFlight (in the form of actions you can pair with new personalizable gestures feature).