Emailing yourself lists

Hello, in the previous version of the Clear app, you could email yourself a list by shaking your phone when in that list. I used to do that once a month or so, to have a back up. That method doesn’t seen to work any more. Does anyone know how to now? Thx

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There is a new screenshot to share function that should bring up a plain text option to tap! You can share this via email and other share sheet options.

We will also be thinking about how to generally improve low-friction sharing of Clear lists in future updates.

Excellent, thanks, that works :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Since the screenshot-to-share function actually saves a screenshot to Photos, which isn’t ideal, could list sharing functionality be shifted to another gesture, like swiping right on a list’s title (probably while viewing the list itself, or maybe from the My Lists screen)?


Yes, I would echo that having a screen tap/trigger/slide to email or share lists was a fantastic feature! Please bring it back…… Thank you!

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There is a good chance we move it there or have an overlapping share gesture later. I’m just a little paranoid right now of using up those ‘slots’ while we weigh out other things that could compete for it there. (Per-list personalization was one, that for now we house in personalization sublists. There’s some argument for being able to check off an entire list via that swipe, etc.)

During the beta we had dabbled with testing personalizable gestures… that is also kind of looming at some point and intertwines a little.

Basically I think this is one of those ones where I want some space to consider it more zoomed out vs. rushing it in, even though it could be implemented very quickly. More about making sure it also fits properly into future versions of the Clear design puzzle!

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