Clear Beta has expired?

Along with all my lists that Ive ever created?? i cant port the list over when i logged on to legacy clear - nothing shows up - any help??

Same. I’m waiting for an answer too. So frustrating when both my Christmas list (not to Santa, of other people’s presents) is on there and I need to get organised.

Open TestFlight app, you should have a newer beta to update to. Let me know if that is not the case!

Sadly not, it just says this:

Oh can you actually search for the app “TestFlight” and open that? That’s like the Apple hub app where you manage betas.

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Yes! That’s working, thanks so much. How can I transfer my lists to the original app? Thanks, Jo

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When the final release is out you will be able to just open your App Store copy and it will automatically import your beta lists when you open it!

I downloaded test Fight
Is there a beta URL somewhere?

The betas we had set up ran out of slots, but hang tight, release is incoming January 8th.