Shop Megathread

This is the thread for the shoppers, whether the day’s selection or feature requests etc. I will try to post some scheduling previews and the day’s shop on most days.

Clear’s shop rotates optional cosmetics for sale daily. Fonts are always free.

Today’s theme was Once Upon a Time.

Added Momotaro (Peach Boy) to fit the theme later in the evening:

Scheduled for the next few days:
Sunday: Santa’s Back
Monday: Fabulous Flora
Tuesday: Sound Day


Looking forward to sound day!

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Nice day today! But tomorrow i think it will be amazing, i love those floral icons!

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Here’s a quick preview for today. Lovely Christmas is a nice free font :slight_smile:


I love that hot chocolate icon and the harp sounds!

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Great. This and other lineups should get a little more thematically tighter over time too. For example 2.1 shop inventory will be adding these to the shop pool that could be relevant for next time Santa comes around:

(Replacing Strawberry Milk)

Some more cookie options to pair.

Maybe this new gift wrapped icon too, or in the future a more festive colored variant of it.


Loving the look of Happy Holidays, any chance we could see how the higher levels of the app look in that theme?

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Sure here you go, I’ll try to post requests like that here until we can solve it better in-app:


Thanks Phil. Really appreciate you taking time on a Sunday to answer our questions here.


I love those 3 icons! :heart_eyes:


I missed out on the Momotaro theme if it was added in the late evening ;-; - I noticed that sometimes some themes are added later in the day, would be helpful if items for a rotation were released all at once, or adding a notification for new items being added to the Store (actually general notifications for new Store items would also be a good idea).


I would have bought the Momotaro theme if I had known it was going to be available!

Can we please have shop updates either 1) once a day, 2) at predictable/consistent times , or 3) announcements on when they will update?


In general I’m trying to have them all set when the shop opens up in the morning. There were a couple exceptions here and there since launch, usually adding something I forgot in original setup, and so I won’t forget for future cycling back. Will note any later day additions like that in this thread moving forward.

Today’s lineup:

Also noting we have been exploring an updated ‘icon’ format for themes that better previews other levels of the app for an update, will see if it makes the 2.1:


Looks amazing that new Theme preview! :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Slightly tangential but this is a smaller feature for quote pack fans we are starting to internally test, probably for 2.2 after widgets.

(Morning push quote option, along the lines of the 1.x daily quote widget.)


I like that!

On another note, i have almost 60 icons from 70 available. But from some info i saw here on this forum, i have yet to collect way more than 20 icons from what i saw here.

How is this possible? Those 70 available must be wrong right?

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Hmm I will have to look into this. I remember towards the end I was wavering a little on whether the total there should include shop pool or not, I didn’t make a particularly final decision, and I’m not sure what exactly we ended with! Or maybe it makes sense to have a X / Y collected, then a separate Z purchased line etc. Will try to get to this in one of the updates earlier in the year.

I think all available icons should count there.
And the collected ones it doesn’t matter if I buy them or win them in the app!

I like to know how many icons/themes/fonts/sounds exist and how many of them I collected (bought or won).

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Can we also have widgets for quotes? Please as that daily inspiration keeps me going and then for me every quote pack will be an instant buy.

Just curious but are these quotes hand picked or do you guys use an api to source them?


We plan to restore the quote widget from 1.x, will see if we can get to it in the initial 2.1 widget update, but if not it will be layered on later.

And yes we hand pick and curate the final selection of quotes! Obviously lots of googling involved (and even a few purchased quotes books for reference).

At some point I should start a thread for people to share great quotes for possible future packs or updates to current collections.

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