New Clear Launch MegaThread

The new Clear is finally out!

For everyone updating to the new version, I hope you love it. We care deeply about restoring a future for our plucky listing app, and this is a big indie swing for another decade of listing with Clear.

(And if you’re new to the app, welcome to our little listing cult!)

These were our critical missions with this new version:
• Rebuild the app, the original’s ancient codebase is a ticking time bomb
• Distill what makes Clear special and lean into its unique strengths (listed out on
• Pivot $5 up-front business model to new model that can be sustainable
• Refresh its design for this next generation

How do you think we did there?

Let’s use this thread for general launch feedback/chatter. I’ll plan on updating this with an FAQ once we get a sense of what those are.

Looking forward thoughts and feedback as you all get your hands on it :pray:


I can’t wait. I’m really really excited. May I know at what time the app will be released ? Because I live in Iceland, not in the U.S. and there’s three themes that are available now at the shop that I want to buy, and the store will be refreshed in about 18 hours.
Please let us know at what time the app will be released.

Edit: I hope it will be released at 12:00 AM Pacific Time. It will be 8 AM (+0 GMT) Iceland/London time.

I’ll release it tonight to allow for some overnight auto updates etc. maybe around 8pm Pacific!

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Will the update to the new version overwrite our beta version?

No, it will update clear 1 if you already have it downloaded on your iPhone.

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Yeah this updates over the current App Store release of old Clear.

If you have only the beta installed, the new Clear will install separately and import your beta lists on launch.

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Well, none of the cards work. QR code doesn’t lead anywhere.


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Ahhhhh I think I know why… Obviously we will extend the deadline when we fix.

Since this is our bad and to minimize hoops for everyone to jump through here’s a list of the working links:











Confirmed. That’s working. Thank you kindly sir.

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I want my beta back! I miss all the fonts and themes I had collected. Now I’m starting from scratch :disappointed:


FYI: I installed the update, then removed the beta. Now, every time I open the updated app, I get the “Thank You For Testing” prompt to Update. If I click Update, it takes me to the App Store page. If I click No, it doesn’t go anywhere. Regardless of which choice I make, when I close and re-open, I get the same prompt. Anyone else seeing this?

I am also seeing the thank you for testing Clear popup every time I launch the app.
Also the themes sunset and dusk seem to be the same?
I lost all of my rewards from beta as well :frowning:


And my icons are also not updating.

Let me know if this prompt goes away for you, we just flicked another switch on the server for that.

And yeah the duplicate theme / app icon glitch is still on the bug list!

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Updated the old application. Now I can’t see my notes. How can I recover my records? The application freezes and crashes.

I also kind of wish we hadn’t lost all of our personalizations.


I’m not seeing prompts, I merely meant the 70+ icons I collected over the last several months… I wish we hadn’t lost that. I don’t know that I have that in me again…


I wouldn’t rush! Maybe go for a few low hanging fruit unlocks but otherwise they really are designed to unlock over regular use.


I’m sorry, but I seriously cannot do that again. I’m just going to delete it and remember my time with you fondly. Thanks for everything, be well!