TestFlight #17: The Final One

This is the release candidate build. If you find anything resembling a showstopper bug or issue email me at phill@impending.com

We plan to launch the new Clear on January 8th, giving us time for the winter holidays + final launch prep.

On its release (a free update over the original Clear), you can install and open the App Store version and your beta lists will import automatically. Along with a Test Pilot exclusive app icon for your service plus a set of classic Clear collectibles.

Rewards progress and other collectibles will be reset in this import so everyone starts in the final intended fresh start.

The Clear Testflight will be phased out on release.

We hope the new Clear delivers to longtime fans, wins over new ones, and is able to establish a foothold for the kind of future this app deserves.

Thank you so much for helping us make it shine.

For final & post launch updates we’ll reach out via email. (Sign up at useclear.com.)

Have a cozy winter holiday break!!

Final onboarding lists
Onboarding popup for swiping away keyboard
Batch dragging in your collection lists
Disabled WIP auto iCloud backups (TBD)
Disabled WIP ‘tossing’ interaction for now
Gift Clear links semi-activated
Data migration support for release day

Fixed truncated quotes
Dragged items don’t block the back ‘button’
Pass through swipes over ‘button’ area
Popup colors better match themes
Cleaned up glitch in list opening animation
Fixed occasional title visual glitch when opening lists
Crash fix: when opening Clear via expired reminder
Crash fix: pinching apart completed items
Crash fix: iPad crash when popping up support message
Polished swiping to claim in Rewards
Disabled buggy reminders tap scroll wheel thing
Disabled multi-touch swipes in shop
Disabled swiping items left in shop
Longer delay before Gift Clear share sheet pop
Switched crash reports to email instead of iMessaging me
Pops permissions when you set a reminder vs. first swipe
Fixed cursor position glitch when editing list titles
Fixed cursor tint of editable list titles
Polished sorting selected cosmetics in their lists etc.
Reduced grace period for ascending sounds
Now prevents pinch allowing zoom into UI
Pull to go back threshold adjusted
Fixed wrong icon in archive for swiping right
Restored unarchiving popup
Now shows archive icon inside archive title
Fixed notifications taps conflicting with ‘button’
Polished dragging and dropping selected rows
Disabled some ancient onboarding popups
Deleted unused onboarding videos
Cleaned up starting default collectibles

New reward: Notetaker
New reward: Absorbed
New reward: Student
New reward: Master
New reward: Blindfolded
Balance tweaks to some rewards
Fixes for some rewards progression
Some final cosmetics swaps
Some final cosmetics for shop


Wow. Can’t believe it’s almost ready to launch! You must be really happy - and with good reason - it’s a real evolution on the original, while retaining the simple magic of the original premise. I’m sure I won’t be the only one, but I’d like to say I’ve really enjoyed being part of this test flight journey - thanks for having us all along for the ride. I guess there’s a little bit of all of the testers in the new app, and I look forward to seeing how it does. You have a loyal following, and I’m sure we all want to see it do well, so please let us know how we can help with promo etc. Best of luck, and a merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone. Joe.


Amazing job! Looking forward to the final release!


Yes :slight_smile: Happily exhausted and excited for release.

Thank you and everyone testing for joining. It would 100% still be languishing in internal TestFlight if we didn’t open up and involve everyone’s support.

Still things to fill out, polish or tweak and perhaps reconsider, but where it’s landed, I feel it’s a solid skeleton for its future. And that’s really all I could’ve wished for myself for Christmas.

Have a great holidays too!


That’s incredible! Congratulations to you all for working so hard!


Amazing, I’m so excited and I can’t believe we’re here after a decade plus of using Clear daily!

How many collectibles have ended up going out? Want to make sure I didn’t miss any :sweat_smile:

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At first I was extremely impatient and was waiting for the release in the fall, but now I am endlessly happy for everyone who tested Clear and for the wonderful developers of this beautiful app. Thank you for your tremendous work and much success! We are all holding our breath and waiting for January 8. Happy New Year!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best wishes!


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I believe 8! I am sure there will be some thread during launch week where people collect them together, and we won’t be a grinch about it.

I also kept thinking about this image earlier, it really is how it felt with you all sending us support in various ways or just continuing to stick with Clear all these years and keep it alive. And very aware this kind of love is quite rare and precious for a todo app!!


The app has only improved over the last few months. I loved watching the team focusing in on gestures and swipes as a way to interact with the whole app. I also really enjoy being able to paste in a series of single line items to populate a whole list. The app has all the complexity it needs but betrays none of it when all one wants is just to write a single word on a single line. It’s wonderful, good job to the team.


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There’s still one thing that’s been bugging me. The “Sunset” theme is uses the colours of “Dusk” when selected. Not the biggest deal but I thought I might let you know.
Good luck with the launch, I’ve really been enjoying Clear!


Are we going to lose the themes and fonts that we did unlock through the beta in the final release ? I know you mentioned that we will lose all the rewards, but I want to make sure because there’s about 3-4 themes that I really don’t want to lose

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Yeah everyone will be starting with the default set, very minimal collection. But as testers you can start with a leg up:

• Test Pilot icon for testing
• Classic app icon / Helvetica / I think sound theme set for testing or updating old Clear
• 8 launch collectibles, that will let you unlock those free/immediately during launch week
• Can use someone’s Gift Clear link for 2 themes + 1 font + 1 quote pack immediate unlock from random/rare loot pool

Then there are probably 4 or 5 rewards or so you could probably more or less snipe in the first 10 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

What were your favorites? Curious to hear!

@Wabbit will note that here in 2.0.1 list! I forget exactly what happened, I think we just renamed it but there’s two copies now. But will get to the bottom of it.

@clappingcactus very happy to hear that!


My favourite themes are: Birthday Cake, Strawberry (It’s should be named as (RED) because it looks exactly like the one in Clear 1 theme it’s called RED as well), Blueberry Cream, and Vanilla Cream.
Also my favourite Font is: San Francisco Rounded. I really hope this Font will be available in the final release.

And I have two suggestions:

  1. “in-app purchase” to unlock all themes, Rewards, Fonts and Sounds for lifetime. this would bypass Rewards progress, and Rewards tab would disappear after this purchase and everything would get unlocked. It’s wonderful, I would pay for this in a heartbeat for everything to get unlocked.

  2. every single theme, sound and font would be available in the shop, and we buy what we want, instead of checking the shop every day to see what’s available. It’s much better than showing random themes/fonts/sounds every 24hour, we might miss the chance to buy the one we like if we don’t check the shop every single day.

Sorry for my english and Happy Holiday everyone!


Wow. It’s really here. Thank you team for giving so many of us an opportunity to weigh in on the newest version of the app we all clearly love. Looking forward to launch!!


I am so excited for the public release! Thanks for involving and listening to the community. Clear is a truly wonderful and irreplaceable app. Happy holidays! :blush:

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Got it. So on release, you are going to have to recollect these, but Blueberry Cream, Vanilla Cream, SF Rounded, you can probably speed collect as they are in the random loot drop pool.

First try someone’s gift Clear link, which has a chance to unlock some of those. Then because we didn’t have time to do any anti-cheat, you could make a list of a bunch of dummy items and check them off over and over and probably unlock all the cream themes in like 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

You know I actually had intended SF Pro Rounded as the default font in the app. But it’s like 10% of people cannot handle it, I kept getting emails about it looking too childish!

Appreciate it! I feel like the new version had to win you over, but I’m glad it sounds like it did by the end. And hopefully some of that was us listening to you all along the way.

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Wow, congratulations! :partying_face: I have been a tester since 2017, I love this application very much, a lot of work has been done in recent months, you are just crazy, in a good understanding of this word. :laughing: I’m looking forward to the AppStore. Deservedly takes a place in my dock. :ok_hand:t3:


Omg 2017 lol. Thanks for sticking with it… after some years of it parked in TestFlight it genuinely starts feeling like some delusional dream. But we felt less crazy when we realized and were reminded there were others crazy about Clear too :smiley:

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will we be able to use that Bluebird Clear launch card with the theme?