TestFlight #11: Simple Fun (Quote Packs, More Rewards etc.)

The reward Documentarian popped up twice. :sweat_smile:
The first time was today when I installed the TF version for the first time (probably after synchronizing the data from the old version), and the second time was just after playing with the TF version for a few hours.

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it popped up 4 times :sweat_smile:
seems like every time i got a reward, documentarian will turn to 99%.

when i add a thought after that, documentarian pops up again.

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Haha oops we were talking about this some the other day, about the simplest way to implement this achievement for shipping. This clearly isn’t it! Or at least it needs to be patched to be done with when first completed. we’ll patch it.

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Looks like a bug.

When Newcomer was unlocked, the other two seemed to be unlocked at the same time. :sweat_smile:
But Enthusiast is still 0%. :sweat_smile:

one hour from Newcomer to Enthusiast


Will try to fix for next build. Apologies, the push was basically ‘how many achievements can we get online from the list’ for the last TestFlight with the follow through plan of fixing up issues like this!

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