Design & Features Wishlist Thread

P.S. for anyone tracking here, 2.0.2 has now been submitted. More info here: Clear 2.0.2 is now submitted (will update this thread on release)


Please an update to hide “Rewards” and “Gift Clear” when we complete all of the Rewards.

I am not sure about hiding Rewards because I feel it’s kind of a trophy cabinet/record too, and also we will be adding more through the year! However have been thinking about this context with Gift Clear (though that could see additions to it too). We may move that inside Rewards in an update as a sublist so at least it’s not bugging you on home level.

Generally feel like the Rewards list is overwhelming especially first time you open it so I think splitting it up into sublists could make sense, e.g. open Rewards and the sublists are Tutorial, Advanced, Gift Clear options to tap into.


Yeah Gotcha! one Reward tab is much better than two.

  • I am high myopic, meaning that I have a -9 and a -20 eye. The date and time fonts are a struggle for me after the update. Is it possible to make the date & time fonts a bit more inclusive, meaning bigger? Would be easier on the struggling eyes.

  • Clearing to do’s accidentally is happening now, because clearing and adjusting or setting a date & time are both on the left pull / right side. This is not super. Would be cool to have the date & time setting a bit more UX friendly imho. Or just like in the previous version.

  • The shake to undo option after accidentally deleting or clearing a to do.

Thanks once again for the great work you have put in new Clear! I believe in patience and will get better over time but it is still a wonderful and unique app. Is there a way to find a specific item in shop that did not have time to purchase within the 24h available? For example I like the CLEA(RED) theme now known as strawberry. Do I have to wait till it reappears? Once again keep up the good work and congratulations on your effort.

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  1. Sync between iPhone iPad and Mac.
  2. Repeating todos
  3. Option to have clock showing

Would love to have more surprise reward reinforcements pop up for checking off completed items.

Would also love to have more motivating sound choices, different styles similar to your AI bot.

Some items on my list are huge long term projects, difficult to jump into as they are a slog…anything motivating to help me initiate beginning and completing the task, like rewards or positive sounds would be incredibly helpful and would make my task completion more enjoyable. Thanks!


Not sure how this would be implemented, but I would appreciate a way to preview themes from the Shop before purchasing. This morning I bought a couple themes only to be disappointed by the color choices for the menus outside individual lists — to be specific, I was excited to have a muted green option with Outdoor Court only to find that most of the time I’m spending in that theme is actually a kind of watermelon color.


Yeah this is an issue. I’m wondering if we should switch the ‘icons’ for themes to preview the other levels vs. the icon. Just didn’t want to hit up David quite yet with the idea of redoing like over 100 theme icons :sweat_smile:

@MissMia we will think on the small tags, though it’s tricky because the idea behind them is to be small enough to still allow full text underneath.

Hoping to improve on the setting reminders/checking off thing. However the goal here was to have it be ‘there when you need it, not pestering when you usually don’t.’ The pestering side was a real issue with the previous design, enough that it required a setting switch to turn reminders off entirely for some. So this is the needle we are trying to thread this time.

@Madeirabhoy status bar option will be in 2.0.2 tomorrow

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The shop is currently rotating with probably around 30 different themed days. (Some items show up in multiple themes.) If you miss something it should cycle back every few weeks or so.

We are hoping to eventually port/restore the handful of IAP cosmetics that were in 1.x. (RED might’ve been one?) But have to loop back around to this after we get through some bigger items on the list.

Oh and @MissMia forgot to mention, shake to undo is there, specifically for deletions or ‘pull to clear completed items’. I guess it is not there for checking something off yet!


+1 on appreciating a way to preview themes from the Shop before purchasing, since I have seen some posts from people who ended up being disappointed with their theme I am now hesitant to make a theme purchase.

I forgot the name of the app but they let you preview themes until you close/re-open the app.


I have Blueberry theme, and I can see “Hockey Rink” in the shop but it looks like very similar. is it the same ?

Hockey Rink has a pretty contrasting My Lists / Home level treatment, which definitely illustrates the issue with theme previews currently. Obviously we are not trying to troll, contrasting themes can be fun, but do not want to disappoint expectations!

Here’s a preview of all of today’s themes:


Perhaps you should avoid themes with different colors at different levels. This approach could become your new design principle, at least for the themes sold in the Shop.


Hmm the shop themes would take quite a hit… but if this is a growing issue until we can figure out a cleaner fix, we could consider it as kind of an emergency plan.


Nooo… I much prefer themes where the list of list view is a different colour from the item view. Allows me to quickly determine where I am, when opening and closing the app. That’s why I absolutely love heatmap.

The different colours also help because list titles no longer appear at the top of a list in a different font. There is currently no visual distinction between viewing a list or viewing the list of lists. (Really miss legacy Clear where the list title appears at the top of the list in a smaller font on a black background and centred, instead of left justified).

I think Clear 2.0 definitely needs a better way to preview themes. I’ve stopped buying themes because I can’t tell what it’s going to look like and I don’t want to keep requesting for refunds.


Yes, the CLEA(RED) theme was paid in the old Clear.
Is there a chance that it will come bundled with the icon that Clear had when the app participated in the Product (RED) promotion (a white checkmark in white brackets on a (RED)’ red background)?

Should be possible if the original asset is still around or at least to reference/recreate.

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Never mind. I was frustrated but I don’t think I’m being helpful. I wish you guys the best with the app.

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