My thoughts of the new Clear

Greetings to you all :slight_smile:

Thank you for the invitation to test and write my thoughts here.

I’m very satisfied with the new Clear ever since you added the classic themes and most importantly added the option to use non-rounded fonts and tiny sizes. I still miss the original Clear font and size but this is very close.

My biggest concern is my first point below, which for me is such a big deal that I still prefer to use the old Clear because it results in 50% less tapping.
Edit: I just realized that you can tap the blue “Done” key which closes the list editor. This might be a solution that is good enough, you just have to get used to it. As of now, however, I still very much prefer the old behaviour.

  1. New behaviour after making a list post VS old behaviour (I prefer the old one, meaning “tap below the new post you’re writing to close it and tap again to start a new one” instead of “tap below the new post you’re writing to start writing a new one and tap again if you just wanted to add one post to the list”)

  2. What is the point of being able to swipe titles? For instance the “Getting Started” title (a paintbrush appears but nothing happens, as far as I can tell).

  3. What is the meaning of List Catalog?

  4. Let us keep Clear nice and tidy by letting us hide or delete features such as Archive, Getting Started and List Catalog. There could be a “reset” option that puts everything back in place if we have deleted it.

  5. Perhaps differentiate titles such as the typography options “Font” and “Size” to make them stand out from the actual choices. Also there is no real meaning in making them swipeable. Sure it’s playful and “Cleary” but doesn’t really add anything useful, other than possibly making it more confusing for inexperienced users.

  6. I also found that the new Clear uses haptic feedback a lot compared to the old one. I prefer when haptic feedback is only used for clearing list items, not for every possible action and navigation. Too much vibration imo.

I hope I have made my points clear (pun not intended), if you want me to elaborate please let me know and I’ll do just that.

Great job so far guys!

Bonus: A nice touch would be to give all test users a couple of unique themes as a kind “thank you” gesture. :slight_smile:

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Glad you’re enjoying it overall so far.

  1. Let me know how you adjust on Done, I do kind of like how the new set up lets you lazily tap above or below an item to quickly add, or Done if you’re done. I think we could consider making swipe down nicer as another way to exit keyboard as well. (I was just playing with it and it technically works but feels janky.)

  2. Oh good catch, we recently added share/personalize list options but personalize especially should really only apply to your own lists.

  3. List Catalog is a pretty rough early stab at just a place to have example lists or templates in a way to grab if you’d like.

  4. We are planning for this. It will likely come a little later but not that far out. As we add some new things that do feel fun or useful for Clear, I feel much better knowing our eventual goal also allows people to archive/hide all of the things they don’t care about. (Personalizable Gesture Shortcuts upcoming in future betas will be a piece of that future too.)

  5. Hm we do have Font/Size larger than the options under them but I guess it could be a little subtle. Overall leaning a lot on text sizing in the new design between ‘levels’ of the app and such. Also it is on our list to support tap in these personalize lists etc. definitely hoping to squeeze it in before launch.

  6. In general we do plan on a kind of polish and tightening and snappier pass where we may pull back from the heaviness of some of the haptics. And I don’t think a setting to turn them off is out of the question. But options in between probably do get trickier.

And yep we’re thinking setting aside the Test Pilot app icon and maybe another goodie or two for you all as exclusives.