Feedback dump. ⛵️

As the world’s #1 most obsessed Clear power user I’m psyched to see things starting to get rolling again. Been on the beta for a few years now and have been loving it. I thought original Clear was perfect, then you guys came in out of nowhere and did the undoable—made it even more perfect—and it’s really nice to get to have full trust in the people in charge of my favorite app. Just wanted to drop some friendly feedback/critiques to help make it the best it can be. If any of it seems familiar it’s because I sent a similar lengthy email to Phill back in like 2020, haha.


  • Shake to undo, which was just removed. :frowning:

  • Hard tap to back out.

  • Flick item to top/bottom of list.

  • Welcome To Miami theme.

  • Screenshot variants (cropped, long, plain text).


  • The little numbers in Lists view that tell you how many items are in each list. I get that you’re going for a back-to-basics thing, but I don’t think this disrupts that at all.

  • Sprint to top by tapping the top edge. Some lists get lengthy and after all these years it’s still always a reflex to go for that.

  • Side edge swiping to roll through lists.


  • Better pinch-to-close animation.

  • The font sizes are just… Everything above Small seems too big to be usable. And Small is still bigger/more padded than it was on the beta, which was perfect. I’m on Tiny now for this reason. If it were me I would cut it from 5 sizes to 4 and scale the bigger three all down a bit. Medium can be read from space so I wonder who is actually using Huge, lol.


  • 3 hyphens (—-) for a 90% length, centered, movable horizontal rule. Similar to if you just fill up a whole line with hyphens, but cleaner. (Not a double hyphen though, I use those as separators also.)


  • “Dawn” theme is in there twice.

  • Tips are barely readable in dark mode.

  • App sometimes freezes/crashes/doesn’t often provide all save options when screenshotting a long (100+ items) list. Might just be my phone.


  • Toggle on/off the new bottom tap thing.


  • Different themes per list.

  • Theme submission would be cool.

  • Make “Clear X” gettable again. It wasn’t in the Secret Shop pool, I looked every day.

I know this is a lot. Please don’t feel it necessary to respond to any of it. Just wanted to throw some thoughts/votes in. Thanks y’all.


This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for those of us with some lengthy lists:

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Oh, and the tap the bottom edge to go to the bottom of the list as is an ABSOLUTE MUST as well for the very same reason. I use both of them every day. Thanks for the reminder!

I’ll try to post specific things that bug me on the new Clear here:

I was just playing around with the Getting Started list, and tried the pinch-close-to-go-back gesture.
What I witnessed was a big floating viewport before I released my fingers and it went to the root menu.

This is another thing that has been a downgrade, in my opinion. The old Clear would “close shut” the list you are in and display the root menu. It was a really successful metaphor: I pinch close a list, the list indeed “closes” and takes me up a level. And it was a fast and robust animation.

The zoom in / zoom out you implemented does feel cheap, as another user said.


That’s a lot of feedback to digest here! Let me just start with couple quick thoughts on the never remove:

• Shake to undo removal was accidental in a transition to feature flagged external TestFlights (to turn off internal experiments). That got tied together with the upcoming personalizable gestures. Will restore next beta.

• Flick item to top/bottom… I love it and it was actually an idea/suggestion that came way via email support and a customer. But it needs a decent amount of polish for it to be shippable quality. I’m not sure we can commit to that for initial release with other things we need to wrap up too, but if it would be cut it would be brought back in roadmap because it’s sweet.

• Will look into screenshot variants, that’s also kind of being weighed now against an in-internal-testing new take on sharing lists

Bring back:

• We will look into the tap top to scroll up at least

Fonts: If anything we will probably add another size scale or two (and yeah more to increase choices in the small to medium range than larger). Going to take a look at small/tiny text padding this week.

  • Love the horizontal rule idea. Notion uses the same syntax: 3 hyphens. I also feel it really fits in with the header and subtask syntax.
  • I’m getting the freezes and crashes on the screenshot/copy/share action too. Not even on long lists (e.g. it happened once making the ones in my thread on the Simple Black theme took a couple tries). I have a 13 mini.
  • Different themes per list seems like it would be difficult to implement in a way that makes sense, but I totally want it now too.

The way individual list themeing works in internal builds right now is, you can tug the list title itself right for the option to personalize it. That pops you into a version of personalize list just for that list and will override global personalization settings. (Though you can always reset to global personalization of course per individually personalized list.)

Screenshot to share is noticeably crashy, we are just holding off a bit on this one because we might be handling sharing a pretty different way in upcoming betas.


Just wanted to also request this be added back - does not appear to be in as of build 8018