Wishlist for Final Release

I read the topics daily on here as I’ve been using the beta for a while now and thought it was a good idea to list out what I’d hope to have in the new Clear. I hope others add to it. I know the initial release is meant to keep it simple and back to the basics, but there are just some things I’d love to have right away.

  1. Reminders - even if basic to start, this is such an essential feature for me. I know for others are as well this is important, I hope this makes the initial release.

  2. Reset a list - one my use case is checking off my medicine as I take throughout the day. At the end of the day, I’d love an option to reset the list so its ready for me tomorrow. Right now its so hard to organize and redo each night. Or save my list in the catalog so I could add it again easily.

  3. Search Bar

  4. Collaborative Lists - I know its in the pipeline eventually and the latest beta lets you share a list which is awesome. I had to list this though.

  5. Widgets - especially with iOS 17 adding interactive widgets. Could cross off items from our list right from the widget.


Definitely thinking through some of these. The resetting a list is weirdly tricky, mostly in terms of capturing the expected sort order I think when you do it? But I will note the ability to duplicate a list is on the way and could at least help you workaround that perhaps, in that template list kind of way.

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Yes, I could see how its tricky to implement. Thats why I was thinking also if we could create our lists in the catalog that we could just import as a work around. Thats what hard about unchecking items each night because I have it sorted based on Mornings, Evenings, As Needed - with medications listed under those headers. So then after I uncheck them, I have to drag them back in the right order.

Template idea may work, I’d have to try it and see how it works.

I also need to track various meds on a daily basis. I have found that an app specifically designed for that function works best for me. If Clear doesn’t work out for you with this need, I’d like to suggest an app called Medisafe on the App Store. Hope this it’s of help to you.


Thank you. I’m checking out that app for now and it’s very nice. Appreciate the recommendation.

I’ll use it for now until Clear adds back in reminders and maybe templates :blush:

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For 2 reset a list, it would be good if you could have a setting that let you leave the list item in place when you mark it as done. Rather than dropping it to the bottom?

Would be handy in the medicine tracking use case. Possibly as a per list setting?

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This has come up a couple times. I do find it interesting, obviously in most cases the way Clear auto moves completed items is satisfying and clean. But there is a simplicity to crossed off items remaining in place too (though pull to clear might feel weird). Maybe this could be some personalizable setting in the future.


iOS 16 has a medication tracker built in to the Health Application. Open the Apple Health app and navigate to Medications to set up your schedule. If you don’t see the application, click on Browse to locate it.

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Since we’re iPhone people, we sure should have several optional widgets for our home page. Something compact, an option with key list titles, and an option showing one list at a top level.

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Add a vote for resetting list. Grocery list. Packing list. Other recurring checklists. This is a huge competitive advantage. Templates is a way to do it that might be easier than manipulating the same list items over and over. Advantage of template is you always know you get the same starting point, same sort order. And editing template is easy. Edit. Save As template.

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Yeah we will be looking at widgets, probably an early update post initial release though. (Cause iOS 17 has great new features for widgets and we think we should design/build for that.)


Ooh, I like this as a solution for my checklist application of marking items as present or removed from my RV, given that they are already organized in groups of clothing, tools, pet supplies, food, etc. If they don’t fly to the bottom, I don’t need to re-sort them when they are replaced. Duplicating the list isn’t useful, as it entirely ignores the actual state of the supplies.

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Nice to see other people have the same use case as me with using the same list over and over while also having it organized in a certain order/way :blush:. Reset or template feature would be huge to have.