Edit list names?

I was trying to edit the name of one of my lists and I don’t see a way to do it. Every time I touch the list name in “my lists” the list opens. Must I create a new list with the name I want and then migrate the list items or is there a way to edit the name of the list without having to do the aforementioned step?

Thanks very much.

I’ve integrated Clear into my continuous daily use. I’m using Clear for non-repeating to dos of all different degrees of urgency and things that I want to consider doing. I use my Apple Reminders app for repeating reminders. Works out very nicely.

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Tap and hold the list title while inside the list lets you edit it.

Thank you! That was the only thing I didn’t try


I am curious on this one in general. For others (starting fresh or updating from 1.x) were you able to figure this one out?

We don’t specifically onboard it but probably should mention it in the gestures guide list.

I was still trying the sliding gesture from the beta tests but the long press is generally part of the design language so I tried it by default. I did like that sliding option though.


Hm what was this sliding gesture?

No joke seeing your avatar back on made my morning.


You are back :slight_smile:

We are all happy here.


Don’t I remember being able to slide the name of the list to personalize it? Am I confusing something?
Glad to have helped make the morning better. :slight_smile:

Ah yeah we did have swipe right to personalize lists. I think it was pretty focused on customizing a list’s theme and typography and such but my memory’s not perfect on this one either. One of those beta experiments we have plans to return to exploring, just had to focus down towards the end.

I appreciate you and some others here for representing the people who have some issues and skepticism on the new direction/pivot etc. but are here engaging and sharing specific helpful feedback and trusting some that we’re all here scheming together to save Clear’s future. Don’t want to be operating in a bubble here.

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That was it. Personalized lists. Swipe right to change fonts, themes, etc. per list. I forgot about that but it was pretty cool.