Turn off list icons

It’d be great if the icons on the titles could be turned off (My Lists, Personalize, Rewards, etc). It would really help to maintain the minimalist aesthetic of the app.




I do want to be careful adding more settings into ‘Complications’. But I wonder if we could consider a secret complications link or something that exposes more lol.

(The other reason we try to resist more settings is because they do tend to multiply the situations/experiences we have to maintain and polish and support etc. But we’re interested in adding the right ones over time for sure.)

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Good to know, and I appreciate the quick reply! I understand the desire to maintain a workable amount of features that your team can handle and not get over-bloated. That’s good integrity to try and maintain. It’s a minor thing of course and it doesn’t detract from the app’s usability…I just long for the interface of the original clear! :grinning:


I do have some ideas for the future of Clear for people like you who prize its minimalism. Absolutely not promising a timeline because I think it’ll be a semi gnarly project, but I really really want future Clear to let you archive everything, including home level menus and settings you don’t care for, hell maybe even the shop etc. And personalizable gestures will also let you further edit it to exactly what you need and nothing more.