Design & Features Wishlist Thread

Hey all, I’m curious to hear from people updating from Clear 1.x what your most missed features are, or gestures, design features, aesthetics etc.

It would be helpful if you made it an ordered list, and maybe keep it to your top 3. (I know sync is a huge one, but for now we are most interested in smaller projects for initial post launch development.)

While we still have a list of bugs to work through, we’re also starting work here. Have a version of ‘tap the top to scroll up’ up and running internally here, as well as a more refined take on the current list opening/closing animation. And some other stuff cooking. Curious to see what ends up being most popular here.

  1. Individual list personalization.

  2. Lists page item count setting.

  3. Archiving personalizations.

I got more, but you said 3, and those seem (to me, who cannot code) among the easiest.


I’m really quite happy with the release and don’t have too many feature/change requests!

  1. Folks have asked for list counts to return, reduced animation, and etc. If these can be toggled in settings for people who are content with how things are right now, that would be great.

  2. Perhaps tweaking the font sizes/spacing. Many of the medium/large ones feel enormous, but that might just be me.

  3. Having @r1y3’s Magic Hour theme, if it’s not already in here, haha.


(EDIT: I’m actually very content with the visuals and springiness, but if others hate it too much, I would like to keep things as-is, hence the toggle for folks. Also, Happy Birthday!)


Heading out to dinner here (my birthday dinner with friends!) but will quickly note:

Yeah thinking of List Counts and such as possible opt-in settings. We may call the settings Complications. The idea is sometimes the right complication can be the right tradeoff for you.

Also the reduced motion in the animations I… actually think is the way to go in terms of where we landed looking at it today. The people complaining about too much springiness were right. Let me post a quick preview in a bit. It still feels nice and luxurious overall… but also simpler in a good way and snappier.



Since iCloud backup is not available at this point, is it possible to have your clearx://export-data link available inside the personalize area or somewhere within the app? This would allow users to easily do a manual backup. It would be helpful, should data loss mistakenly happen in the future.


Let me chew on that one, I will say we will be pretty aggressively prioritizing simple auto iCloud backups/restore too in the roadmap, that is like orders of magnitude simpler than sync to handle.


Shortcuts support — including for backups. The intents are listed but not working.


Happy birthday @phillryu :birthday:


Yes, this slipped my mind. 1A: More of my, like, 700 themes. Give the people (person) what they (s/he) want(s). A meager day in the rotation if you will.

Also hbd Phill.


Happy birthday Phill!!


Have mentioned this in various places throughout the forum. Things I miss from legacy Clear:

  1. Black background for the top status bar section, and list title is centred and in a smaller font. No need for fancy transparency. This makes the title easy to glance at while scrolling the list and is space efficient.

  2. All the gestures - like swipe down while keyboard is up to create new item, edge swipes to move between lists, swipe left above the keyboard to clear all text when editing. I still do these gestures out of habit and it’s frustrating that they no longer work.

  3. Number of items on the list when viewing the list of lists.

Happy cake day!! :birthday::partying_face::tada:

  1. List counts
  2. Center align list title while in list
  3. Same font size throughout the app

List count must be personalised, people who want it can switch it on.


My main concern is sync between devices. I would rather have this than focus on gestures, colors, etc. Sync is a major deal for someone working with two devices.


Hi there,

Am loving this app since the beginning. Would absolutely love to see the following:

  • To be able to use the icons that come with the various themes separate from the theme. I for example like the theme to be Luminova but paired with the icon of Berry Gummies. Now it’s only possible to use the Berry Gummies icon while using the actual theme. Now it’s only possible to select ‘Current theme icon’ and not mix and match the themes and icons. I would love it when that’s possible!

Congrats on your gorgeous app, keep up the good work!


I would love to see:

  • Notification badge for app icon on the home screen, with option in settings to select number of entries on a list (like a today list) or overdue items
  • A nicer way/design to set reminders (swipe action glyph and calendar view)
  • An option for setting different themes for night and day based on system dark mode
  1. App badge with number of items on current list when closing app (same behavior as Clear 1.x)

  2. Softer transition animations (less bouncy, more like in Clear 1.x and by the looks of it, this is being addressed per your twitter post - thank you!)

That’s really it. I’ve been using Clear for 10+ years and use it due to the simplicity and ease (I don’t use other versions or iCloud Sync). I totally understand that the business model behind it is not profitable while the code is old. Those are real issues and you all are working hard to address them. At the same time, from what I’m seeing on this forum, a lot of users are feeling mixed about the updates and I do believe most of that is due to the small, but significant UI changes that really give us a different experience in the feel of navigating the app.


I was immediately going to suggest “tap to scroll to the top” but it sounds like you’ve already got that going :blush:

The other thing that has occurred to me is some piece of code to center-align an entry. I already use the “space at the beginning of a line” to get small text, and “colon at the end of a line” for large text, and I love these options. I have some lists that I’ve broken down into smaller groups with subheadings, and it would be great to have something that would more easily delineate these headings from the items themselves. Here’s an example. Definitely nothing imperative, I can get by without it, but just an idea that I thought might be relatively simple to implement.


Hi Phill, hbd :birthday:
I’m happy 2.0 had a successful start, thank you for all the hard work.

My wishlist:

  • Smaller font sizes
  • Number of items on lists
  • Individual themes on lists

It’s a little clunky but there is a workaround so you can do this now. Set berry gummies theme + matching app icon. Then, change to Luminova theme, but force quit the app before you exit the theme list. (Icon swaps trigger then.) This circumvents icon swap and should let you continue with that combo.