Design & Features Wishlist Thread

I believe they are working on it, soon to be implemented as a new ‘Vibes’ section

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remind @ a location; remind by date; hashtags + search; sub note on list; note recall where it would autofill a note that is often typed

I realize that all of those are available on the reminders app and i could just use that. However, I don’t want that and I am selfish…I want the perfect app and Clear 2 is clearly a suitor


might have been covered already, but would be good if we could add entries of text in the Personalise sections.

So for example, i am reorganising my so far 122 fonts as at the minute its a long random mess. its good that i can do this, and as it stands, im putting all the classic fonts first, then the handwritten ones, then tbh ill have a section for crap, basically all the fonts i dont like.

so what id like to do is basically insert, as i would do in a list, some titles. then i could rearrange the fonts under the titles of classic, handwritten, funny, etc…

hope that made sense


I would describe “Vibes” / Loadouts status as more like ‘on the medium term roadmap’!

What do you mean by ‘remind by date’? You can swipe right past checking off to set a reminder, but sounds like you might have a more specific request there!

Sub note on list, if you mean nesting I’m not sure that is coming anytime soon. But you might find captions useful, can start an item with a space and they will format smaller, like a little note.

@Madeirabhoy that’s an interesting idea that’s new on my radar. I wouldn’t want people confused, but I really like how it fits into the sandbox side of Clear’s design. Will digest on it some.


I’m impressed by your offer, that would be nice. I can also note that this is suitable for topics. Since there are classic and graphic, it would also be nice if they had headlines.

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It’s apparently accidentally deleting items! I do have to admit it happens to me as well.

Ok, yeah I wonder if we should consider increasing the threshold you need to swipe to delete an item a bit, or something like that.

Oh, and are there any alternatives to undo? I’m forced to use “Shake to Undo” because the 3-finger methods are currently unsupported.

It’s just shake to undo for now, though I will note we were testing some personalizable gestures in beta that I think will return at some point in Clear’s future! (2 and 3 finger tap were a couple of the customizable gestures, and undo was one of the actions you could pair.)


Could it be changed so that our lists keep their themes etc. when moved to the Archive? I currently literally never use the Archive because I use themes to sort of visually help me differentiate between lists, and knowing that gets stripped away every time you move a list there just makes me go “oh nevermind I’ll just keep this list I only use occasionally around because that’s better than losing all my customization in the Archive.”


Any thoughts on option to add reminder upon initial creation instead of having to create then go back to add reminder.

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I do really want to make it clear it’s archived. I don’t mind the idea of a version where it’s more like a less desaturated/paler version of the set theme or something, but I have a feeling that might require some massaging to get feeling right across a variety of themes. Maybe we will take a stab sometime in the future, it is interesting that it’s friction for archiving lists for you in that way!

@Anthony I do have some thoughts on this, I would like to test internally moving it to while editing/typing in that item. (E.g. keyboard is up and you swipe to set it.) This would also mean it doesn’t have to fight with the checkmark for swipe right.

There’s some bigger projects taking our attention now but I am hoping later this year we can loop back to some of these.

Is there ever going to be any way to organize or sort your lists? Even just being able to section things off—I’d just make an “Archive” section on my lists page. I’m basically doing that now, it just looks kinda janky since I have to use actual empty lists to indicate different sections. But yeah I’ll never use the Archive when it strips themes, half of Clear’s usefulness for me is the quick visual indicator between lists. Desaturating would be okay I guess, although I’m worried about legibility…


Can we get natural language reminder input back until we get that notification input method worked out?

Would also love to see possible option for nested folders
Can we put list within another list?

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Right now we are focused on some more under the hood but important features and fixes. I think we should be shipping later this month a couple things like:

  • Basic iCloud backup & restore system (not syncing, for things like a new phone or re-installing Clear)
  • Big compression pass for drastic app download size improvements

(And probably initial Apple Watch release.) There is more in the works too but it will not be smaller features like that for this summer period or so! Gonna be taking some bigger swings as we can.


I’ve been thinking of nested lists as well!

A “jump to list” hyperlink e.g. @<ListName>, To:ListName, C:ListName, or something might work without disrupting existing features.

The functionality seems to be there already—when you tap on a reward you just unlocked, Clear will go to where you can find it. The concept is very similar.

I will say it’s structurally an “illusion” of nesting though since all lists will still be located under My Lists, but hey, I think it keeps the simplicity. It’s highly repeatable and if said lists are at the bottom, you won’t really see them anyway. :laughing:


I think a version of that is possible, probably like our links support. (So you just type Groceries that matches a list title that isn’t archived and it would link it.)

Feature Request - have an option to allow any item in a list that has a reminder set to be shown at top of the list… that way I can easily glance at my scheduled tasks in a said list without having to manually move them up.

In the same vain, would be cool to have a “smart List” generated by the app that can show every item that have a schedule set without removing them from their current Lists… a bit like how when you flag an email, it remains in your inbox and also shows up in flagged section of the email client…