Design & Features Wishlist Thread

Since 1 and 2 of the post I’m replying to are all set (thank you) and 3 sounds like it’s coming at some point (thank you), figured I’d restock some easy ones.

  1. The return of lobbing tasks to the top/bottom.

  2. Some expansion on simple styles. All I really need myself is a horizontal rule (“—-“ maybe?), but there could be use for more.

  3. List categories. Originally I was against this because I didn’t want something many people wouldn’t even use to create an extra layer when trying to navigate back to the shop or whatever, but I think an easy solution is to just be able to rename My Lists, and then pull down to create more sections. I have 29 lists at the moment, and would likely sort them into groups if able. Home, Work, School, Shop, Media, Fitness, Money, etc. Would be tight if simple to achieve.

  1. Deceptively tricky to get it feeling truly proper like you’re actually throwing them, but I think a beautiful gesture so on our list more vaguely

  2. We did look at some style treatments for divider lines. They kind of looked weird! Tried some stuff like simple line, dashed line, fancier curlier one etc. but weren’t very happy with them. Could take another look, maybe see if you have any ideas there.

  3. This is nesting, and while it could be simple to implement, I’m still very wary of the permanent door we open with it. I like that your take in a way focuses more on the zoomed out side of nesting vs. zoomed in sub items. But it is still nesting! Firmly in the ‘suspicious/skeptical this is the right thing for Clear’ zone for this one still so I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon at least.


I get that with the inclusion of all these fonts the dividers can get tricky. I only use SF Rounded, so that’s easy, but on your end I can’t envision what all would go in to making sure they look good no matter what. Just wanted to toss it out there so that one day I might be able to stop typing ————————————— all the time to get a choppy, left-aligned rule with little gaps all throughout, lol.

Re: The nesting, with the way I proposed at least it’s not infinite. It’s just the ability to add one additional level for grouping. Haven’t thought much through it in terms of complications it would bring, but without adding an extra tier it seems pretty innocent and clean to me.


I honestly think adding one more level would get more people asking/hoping for more. It feels kind of innately a slippery slope in that way! Not saying never forever, but that’s what rules it out for me as like ‘low hanging’, I really think we would need to seriously ponder that one. (And I haven’t had much pondering time lately post launch, though hoping to catch up some there this spring/summer.)


I’ll mention this again … it would be nice to have an option/Complication to not automatically open a new line (“next”) when you hit the “Done” button. And related but kind of separate … IMO it almost never makes sense to open a new line when you’re done editing a pre-existing line.


Is there a quick way of going back to home menu screen when you are deep in a nested folder. In shop, etc
I thought on one of the Betas holding down on that hidden button on bottom would shoot you back.


We had a tap and hold personalizable gesture action at some point in betas. For now I will note the animation is interruptible so you can extremely quickly tap a few times and should almost instantly get you to home level.

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Something we’re working on today, iOS Spotlight search integration:


A new Clear believer—I take full responsibility—asked me to suggest this. :joy:

Would others also find read-only lists useful? At list level, maybe tapping the rightmost corner of a list’s name twice can “lock” it? The same gesture should “unlock” it.

As for myself, I would like Volume: “Loudest” to exist. I just need… more. “Louder” doesn’t come close. For reference, this is my usual:


To hear the damn thing, I have to go here, but this makes other apps dangerously loud:


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I’d be curious if your friend is frustrated more specifically with accidental check offs, or accidental adding items. Let me know if there’s something more specific to latch on! And thank you for converting someone haha, we’re kind of relying on word of mouth spread like that for now, though will be trying some outreach experiments soon.

Will consider Loudest, don’t want to go clown car like the amount of font size settings, but I feel a little better knowing eventually we’ll be able to change them over to a custom slider control. And one more sound setting sounds pretty harmless.

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I would like if QUOTES are more reachable. They are only visible in empty lists or you have to go through settings to reach them and I’m not finding that very attractive…. Maybe if when open list one can find a quote button on the top… or something
Kind regards

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Yeah thinking about other ways to make quotes useful. (Check the new daily quote feature under your quotes collection as an example.) A couple things on our list is to enable quotes for widgets, and probably a separate quote widget type too.


I an an old guy (52) and I’m not fan of widgets so for my age targeted group within app is more preferable ( I think)
… anyway I like the app and simplicity of it and what Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said “Less is more”

… also, I’m like squirrel, collecting things and there is 146 icons, 122 fonts and 359 themes… and I’m guessing the numbers are gonna grow so I was thinking if one can mark items as favourite and keep it highlighted at the top of the list so one knows where favourites stops
Just a thought for a feature, maybe, somewhere in the future if you find it’s interesting for you.

I’m creative person but I have ADHD and most of the time, having a lot of choices or tasks is overwhelming for me… that’s why I’m using Clear, to relieve stress and do one thing at the time
Kind regards Alex


Yeah we are going to do something for the growing collections. Possibly from the archiving angle to start perhaps, but thinking on it.

I like your explanation for why you use Clear, it does relieve stress for me too putting these thoughts into the app out of my head, and being able to accomplish them step by step. That seems like a marketing angle we should explore :slight_smile:

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You can re-order themes and fonts in the list, so what I’ll do is I alphabetically sort them all, then move my favorites above the alphabetically sorted section. That way I know that when it jumps from random letter to A, I’ve come to the “don’t really care” section of the list.


Yeah I’ll note we enabled batch dragging in these lists in an earlier update which can help when doing these passes, like picking up a whole bunch you use less to move down the list. It is intended that you sort your favorites near the top, but definitely a whole thing to manage with new collectibles pushing them down etc. so something to improve on.

When you have a reminder that you missed and fell through the cracks and you want to reschedule within application, would be nice, quicker if there was maybe a today button on the calendar picker instead of scrolling all the way to today.


Hmm yeah that is a fairly common case. Maybe it should be defaulting to the next available time of day you had set if you edit an expired reminder.

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Ability to save custom personalizations (combination of theme, icons, fonts…) and maybe add a time based configs. So for instance I have a colorful one for the day and a dark one for the night :slight_smile: