Design & Features Wishlist Thread

I am seriously considering cutting Gift Clear rewards entirely, if so we will redistribute.


Comments like that remind me there are aspects to the app about which I’m completely unaware or have forgotten about. Like, I don’t know what Gift Clear rewards are. I’d guess rewards for gifting the app, but the app is free now? So :man_shrugging:

Am I also now correctly remembering there’s a gamification side involving theme unlocks or something?

I dunno. I just picked a theme I like and happily chug along making and deleting lists and list items.


great idea

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This is tangential but I’m thinking of reframing all the current rewards as ‘secret rewards’. What that would mean is they unlock without a reference list in the app (so we would just hide/cut those sections), and describe why you unlocked it in the popup when you get it.

I think this could help with first time users/experience of being a bit overwhelming, and also feel more mysterious/delightful as a surprise for those into it.


Could we please have a complication to disable the back button? I know those who have embraced it insist everyone else do the same, but it’s been like… a year… and I still hate using it. This is not going to change for me.

What it does do for me, however, is frequently interfere with trying to interact with items at the bottom half of the screen—I have to consciously remind myself either to scroll down first to interact with items that are further down, or remind myself to only interact with an item along the sides of the screen at the bottom; lest I be forcibly yeeted away from what I’m working on by that darn back button. The back button that I would love to be able to completely disable with a complication.

Again, I know the bog standard customary response is “you’ll get used to it, it’s great!” Respectfully: it’s not great and I have not gotten used to it. I am actually begging to be given the choice and be allowed to disable it :pray:t2:


I think it’s likely eventually, but I can’t promise it ‘coming soon’ quite yet. It will probably be in the form of personalizable gestures (which we tested for a bit in beta) and that may be paired with some restoring iOS shortcuts push etc. further out in the roadmap!

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If we’re talking really nitpicky wishlist, the “my lists” page is really the only place I would want to remove the back button. I often back out on accident when trying to tap a list at the bottom. For individual lists and other screens, I’m usually swiping not tapping, so accidental back presses don’t really ever happen

I find myself increasingly tapping on the back button by accident recently. The issue for me is that the visible shape onscreen that is used to represent it (i.e. the narrow line) does not match the actual hit box for it (the much bigger ‘thumbnail’ shape that only appears briefly after you’ve already pressed it).

Imagine this scenario in a 2D video game, where you could be killed by enemies or their shots that clearly didn’t make contact with your onscreen character, but instead hit some invisible field around them.

FWIW I don’t think there is an obvious solution that fits the aesthetic:

Option A: leave it as is - not ideal, for the reasons outlined above.

Option B: swap the current visible line for a permanent onscreen ‘thumbnail’ icon that shows the actual hitbox - makes more sense from a targeting perspective but breaks the rectangle-only visual aesthetic. Maybe make it semi-transparent like a watermark to blend in better with the chosen theme colour?

Option C: make the hit box an editing ‘dead zone’ that extends fully across the bottom of the screen - basically a mirror of how the status bar at the top functions i.e. an area that has only one role (in this case ‘go back’, not ‘go to the top of the list’) and does not let you edit any list items that are occupying the same screen real estate. This at least would maintain the rectangle-only aesthetic, but would also require some sort of permanent onscreen indication that the full area was a button. Again, maybe a shaded or semi-transparent area to avoid disrupting the appearance?

As I say, there is no perfect answer, but maybe these options could be offered as a complication and let the user decide which works best? If you gave the option, I think I’d go with B, or (depending on how it was implemented) C.

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