Recurring Lists?


I would love to see recurring lists added to Clear! I can’t find this feature anywhere! How about a list that re-spawns after you complete it?? I think this would be amazing or at least a list that would respawn after a certain time passes or something.



We’re thinking about this a little bit, but trying to get a handle on the different kinds of use cases and such, curious if there is a simple solution that takes care of most cases.

(For example one possible angle is simply letting you swipe to check off a list in the ‘my lists’ level, or perhaps even swiping list title in the list itself as well, toggling everything inside checked off or on.)

Something simple + manual but quick and easy generally tends to be the right direction for Clear vs. more complicated rules or like ‘smart’ behavior.

Maybe others can chime in this thread what they might use this for and how they would expect it to behave in their case.

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This might be one of those things that could be set up using iOS shortcuts

True, it does seem very power user-ey (I don’t really touch Shortcuts) but would be an interesting way to put some things out there in a way that doesn’t complicate the core experience of the app, and see how you all use them.

Please take a look at what the reminders app provides. We could do a lot with:

-find thoughts
-add new thought
-edit thought
-remove thought
-get details of thought
-open list
-create list


My most frequent use of Clear is for daily checklists, so it would be wonderful if they could reset when finished. Reinstating more than a dozen items in order is tedious. However, I found a workaround using the screenshot feature. I saved copies of the lists to Files. Now when I finish the checklist, I clear the whole thing, then paste in a new copy from the screenshot.


That’s a smart workaround.

I was just discussing some of this in another thread earlier, you might find this relevant: Two features I’d like to have - #2 by phillryu

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I would also love to be able to create fixed lists that reset every day.

But in this case, each list created would need to have a preferences section where we could define it as recurring or not. Or perhaps a selection when creating the list. Or even an option to activate this by dragging the list to the right. Or also a list preferences button next to the title within it.

And recurring lists wouldn’t need to have the archive and save the date options I suggested in Two features I’d like to have.

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This would also help with the archiving issue of having hundreds of items.

Have been dreaming heavy about this feature and how useful it would be to me, and so many others. Hate all the crammed-in features/buttons of all the other apps, but this one is just too helpful. Think the simplest implementation of it might just be dragging the list title bar to the side (where customizations used to be) to snap a :arrows_counterclockwise: and set the list back how you arranged it.

So it would kind of snapshot the current list? And toggling it again sets it back to default?

(And you check things off, and on clearing them away, they regenerate in this list?)

Or are you talking about like, you can snapshot and then somehow keep restoring to that state with an interaction?

Hard to describe, but like when you pull/prompt it, the contents would snap back to how it was last manually arranged before you started clearing?

I’m not a coder, so I figure you guys would just tinker and land on what is possible and makes sense. But this seems to work for varying use cases (daily/weekly/monthly, workout, bills, meds, packing, etc.) without having to clog up the interface with different options.

I have a daily ordered list I rely on that I would love if it would just reset at midnight, but I’d also be down to pull to restore each night/morning. It’s the manual unclearing and rebuilding of the list that’s the pain point. So for now I merely glance at it every day and don’t check anything off, which doesn’t end up quite as productive.

EDIT: Yeah haha I guess simply pulling to
clear could be the trigger too, duh.


I’m very interested in cracking this one, I think it will need a little space for us to tinker on it and feel out etc. so probably after we knock out some more straightforward stuff early on.

The current first take I would try internally is more or less a version of this. But perhaps accessible while in editing mode (keyboard up) for either a list title to affect the entire list, or a list item, for if you want to say make a few key grocery staples sticky vs. not for others.

And somewhat related perhaps do one final move of reminders to swiping past sticky option while editing, to avoid the awkward conflicts with checking off.


Reset-able list or list items would be great. I don’t have to-do items I do every day, but I do have items I need to get each time I go to the store. So mixing permaitems and one-shot items in ine list would be awesome.

Maybe these items could be indicated in a similar manner to using a colon for headings and a leading space for smaller type. And then only if that special character appears in the list, a refresh button—like the reload webpage button in Safari—would appear at the right side of the list title bar. Push the button and cleared permaitems reset. Oh! And the special character could be a leading at symbol @ because it is visually similar to the reload button. Maybe when entered the items appear bold or italic it something.

Chicken wings
Hot sauce

Appears as
Chicken wings
Hot sauce

Clear each as normal, then refresh when done. Cleared items disappear and permaitems repopulate the list.