Ideas for Clear new app

Hi, I’m definitely seeing great things for my favourite app and wanted to give a few suggestions below:

  1. It’s great the way you can now pick up a cluster of lines and move them to a new list which I even manage to do using one hand. It works be good though if I could still use one hand to swipe between the lists while holding the lines. Swiping between lists is in the original clear and would be ideal to make things easier and quicker incorporating the new batch pick up
  2. I’d like to see all lists in overview and have the option not to show a badge count. Then you can select a list which will show the badge count for that list
  3. Is there anyway to incorporate a search function to go straight to that line by entering a keyword. This would be amazing if you have lots of info to wade through. Like tags
  4. Can there be an option to press return when in a list so don’t need to keep trying to get to a new line

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!


Thank you! We will be thinking about interactions for easier dragging/dropping items between lists. Not sure if they will be dialed in to ship for the initial release, but continuing to bubble on it.

Here’s a thread on search you might be interested in.

Also find it interesting another user had a very similar request for keyboard behavior here!

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My ideal version of Clear would:

MOVE BETWEEN LISTS - Would be similar to the app “Minimalist” when it comes to moving tasks between lists. When you select tasks and drag them to the right side of the screen the names of all your lists peek in from the side and you easily drag & drop them into that list. It’s so much easier and faster and only requires one hand this way.

SPECIAL TODAY LIST - Have a unique type of list where I drag just the items I want to do today/currently and then every day/week/etc it automatically sends those items back where they came from. I like to build a clean new list every morning, but without this feature it always builds up into a new long list. A “merge lists” feature could maaaybe work too, but automatic is better.

DAILIES - Have tasks that automatically re-populate everyday at the top of my “Today” list so that I can build good habits. These tasks would need to stay in order.

SUB-LISTS - Tasks would have the ability to add a sub list that is indented. I know with Clear you can make the font small by putting a space at the beginning of a task and that’s pretty good, but ideally for me it would be more like a sub list that I can shrink/hide and expand by pushing on it.

The ability to send tasks to the top of a list is SO important and I’m happy that the new Clear has that feature.


Yessss. A “Daily” list is something I use, and something that would be great for everyone.

I break my main to-do list into 3 lists: To Do (for one-off tasks), Daily (for things I do every single day and don’t want to forget, like give my cat her medicine) and Life (for bigger things I have to tackle one by one).

My Daily list is fine as-is, but it would be nice if it reset itself at midnight so I can actually cross off the items (15 total) without having to uncross them all and put them back in the right order. As it stands now I don’t cross out any of it and just read through it several times per day to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Probably just a little “static items” type setting to toggle rather than a built-in list. idk.

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…so basically like the Getting Started list.