[Idea] Clear sync using iOS Reminders

Hi team, thoughts on leveraging iOS Reminders for sync architecture?

Potential mapping: lists = lists, tasks = tasks, sub-tasks (with a space) are sub-tasks within the parent task

Clear could create the lists, and users could organize the lists into one “Clear” iOS Reminders folder as needed. This might be an elegant solve to pilot sync in parallel with higher priority features.

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It’s a good line of thought.

We did experiment with this several years ago internally, and ran into some really basic problems. If I remember correctly, one was that we had no way of syncing the order of the items in a list. (Had a chat with the developer of the “Grocery” app but heard similar, they were at the time switching over to their own sync.)

So I’m not counting on it but, we are planning to quickly look into it again when we begin scouting out sync for 2.x, just in case.

And yeah if anyone here uses an app recently that does piggyback in this way to Reminders sync I would be curious how the experience has been!

This could be solved with a simple tag in the notes section on iOS Reminders side only.

E.g., <<1>> for item #1 in the list
In case users add items in iOS Reminders, items without this numbering could default to top or bottom of Clear

Also, perhaps an option is selective sync of lists, via mapping in the Clear App. This would potentially reduce launch complexity, and those lists could display subtle sync logo.

GoodTask and Momento leverage iOS sync.

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Hm yeah that could be a clever workaround. I guess we’ll first have to check what it supports, then consider what kind of overall experience we could ship with it. Would really want the end experience to be simple and intuitive vs. feel very obviously like a temporary bandaid kind of solution.