Clear - Reminders - two way icloud sync

I guess many people using reminders as task manager. Especially when in apple ecosystem. Is it possible to sync clear with reminders and vice versa? I dont like many places to take care and keep them sync manually. When on desktop i dont see any needs to use phone to make reminder into clear app than.

When we last investigated this (we were interested in piggy backing on it for syncing / allowing quick entry on Mac in that way) we found it was unreliable and wasn’t able to keep basic things like the order of items in sync within Clear. It’s possible things have changed since but we are likely going to be looking back into syncing post initial release in the roadmap.

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long time user here. clear has been my go-to checklist app since it was available for a $5 purchase!

I haven’t had time to sift through the forum, but I’m wondering if there are plans to take Clear back to desktop with icloud sync? That was one of the most useful features for me, so I’d love to see that in the future.

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Moving your thread here. Hope your question is answered above.