What is the point of new clear?

I really don’t mean to come across seeming negative or like a jerk. but I’m not sure I understand what the new clear is meant to accomplish that the original clear does not.

as far as I can tell it takes out the most useful features, iCloud sync and reminders, and replaces them with a cartoon-y interface and a bunch of themes.

there is presumably something I am missing?

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Couple relevant threads:

Your comments remind me a bit of the Mac OS X early transition days. I think there’s some of that going on here, it’s a major transition and rewrite for us etc. so we will have to build back up to sync. (Reminders, I actually think will return soon.) And we have polish to do, including dialing back some of the fun but more experimentally tuned effects and animations etc.

But there’s a lot of new stuff, as of yesterday a first take on personalizable gesture actions. We don’t do a great job onboarding yet on all of this, planning a big pass closer to shipping when the new features are in and such.


thanks for taking the time to respond. I haven’t really tried any of that gesture stuff to be fair. but I prefer a small phone one handed so maybe they just aren’t for me.

I have been trying the betas for awhile, but I guess for me syncing is the main thing that got me using clear a decade or so ago in the first place and without syncing it doesn’t really work for me

so long as the old clear continues to work that I have no complaints I suppose and I’ll keep an eye on the new one in case it ever does what I needed it to do

Sure. Honestly if Clear’s core design + syncing is what you need, we are going to disappoint you during this transition. :sweat:

But I have to imagine after reminders is back, that will be the #1 request (along with synced collaborative list editing) and as long as there’s signs of early traction for the new Clear as a business we will be pursuing that.