Two features I’d like to have


I would like to suggest two features that would please me a lot.

The first feature is an option in the preferences of the app to disable the function of cleaning the items completed by dragging up the list.

The second feature is an option in preferences as well, which allows us to activate the display of the date the task was completed. (Small at top right corner, similar to list items count)

So I have a list that does not disappear and I can still see the date I concluded each item.

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I am thinking about ideas around this case. This is one version…

a) Instead of an option to disable pull to Clear, what if we made cleared away items auto archived in a special folder? So they are there for reference + history of all the stuff you got done with Clear.

b) Perhaps this ‘Cleared Items’ archive folder could organize them across sublists per month (tagged) and items inside could be tagged with date when completed.

What do you think of that? I have noticed that fewer of you regularly clear away your completed tasks than I expected, would like to encourage it better and thought maybe it would help if they weren’t wiped away completely on Clear but archived.


I would use Archive if this is implemented! A log with everything i done and when.


Would the completed item auto-archive overnight/at set times? Just thinking it’d be useful to be able to undo a wrongly completed item, than have to dig it out of an archive immediately.

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Like the overall idea though!

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That’s an interesting idea too! For the most basic version I was thinking manual like now. You would still be able to right swipe to uncheck a completed item in this case before clearing it away with the rest. (Or grab it from the Archive completed items if you want later.)

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Personally I wouldn’t like any auto-archiving. It doesn’t feel very minimal, and it would feel like an extra thing I’d have to go in and get rid of every day, made up of things I’d already gotten rid of.

In fact if it were me I’d set a completed items limit of like 200 so it manages itself and people don’t end up with 10 years worth of stuff down there interfering with updates and call it a day, lol.


If we went this route I think we would consider a setting to opt-out of archiving cleared items, or something like that.

The biggest thing is people are not pulling to Clear as much as the design intends, so there is something pretty fundamental to fix here. (To be fair we should probably start with making sure we onboard it well vs. barely at all currently.)


Agree, the auto-archiving wouldn’t feel minimal, and the ‘extra management’ aspect is a definite negative (I don’t need extra bits to do floating around lol)

I guess the thing about the minimal point is… there are like 80% of you all out there who basically never clear away anything. That feels like the bigger minimalism problem to solve maybe? (Assuming these endlessly growing piles of completed items right there in your lists aren’t of much ongoing value to most of these people.)

The auto archiving would at least let people regularly clear, while still retaining a sense of progress and without the anxiety of ‘this record of what I’ve done is going to be gone forever’. (And that would all be tucked away in the Archive.)

But the auto archiving is just one theory I have as to how we could improve clearing rates overall, along with the lack of proper onboarding and such. I do wonder if there’s any other major angles here we’re missing.

I was surprised to see that 80% of Clear users don’t often clear completed items.

I read all the ideas and some questions and new suggestions arose.

A session with items archived and organized into sublists by month and each with a date would be wonderful. But would there be a separation by list of origin? Or would all lists send their completed items to the same place? If so, it would become a mess when we check something that was completed a long time ago. We wouldn’t know where that task comes from.

I think automatic archiving is unnecessary. Instead, the actual drag-up function could become a way to quickly archive completed items.

The excessive accumulation of tasks is relative. I don’t agree with a limit of 200 or something like that. We have specific lists with few tasks and I think it’s only daily task lists that tend to accumulate many completed tasks. But like I said, at the end of the day, dragging up and archiving everything from that list would be cool.

And as said, the archived items separated by the date that were completed, not archived and separated by origin list.

Keeping completed items on the list until they are manually archived makes it easier to unmark them as done and remove their done date. And so we only archive what we are sure is already completed and will not need to be redone.