The two features I'd like to see most


As people have mentioned, some sort of undo for deleting items or lists would be very welcome.

To keep it simple, maybe this is just a DELETED list on the same level as ARCHIVED, where you can find deleted items for a limited period of time, and swipe to return the item to original list.


As a matter of creating even greater fluidity of movement within lists and across the app, it would be MASSIVELY useful to be able to have a special list item within a list, that you could tap (or some other gesture) that would instantly take you to another (linked) list.

That way an list could be a list item in another list, and you could quickly jump between them. You wouldn’t have to back out and dive into the list you want switch to. It’s a small thing but it would reduce gestures in the navigation, allow a clever list interaction functionality across the list experience, without substantially changing the spirit of Clear’s simplicity.

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Thanks for sharing, they’re good ideas, I will be thinking about them for the update roadmap.

We do support shaking to undo destructive actions (deleting a list, clearing items, deleting an item) but that’s it, and I actually think many iPhone users don’t even know about shake to undo. So I have been thinking along similar lines, that maybe the Archive could include some “Recently Deleted” or “Cleared” lists.

Linking other lists in an item, I will have to think on some more about how useful that complication is for the average user against Clear’s simplicity. But I can definitely imagine how it might work, using some of our design work for the natural language parsing reminders that we recently ditched. (Like you type in Groceries and it underlines it because you have a list with that name.)

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I do like the NL approach for auto-linking. It creates its own internal logic for making those links without adding gestural overhead. Just type the name of the list and the app makes the connection.

The question is how do you have this implemented but keep it from being an annoyance to people who don’t want/use it? Maybe if the there was a syntactical trigger? Like, if you write the list item in ALLCAPS, it recognizes the LIST association and makes the link. Link is ignored otherwise. Something like that.

Yeah this is generally the question with ideas that are more niche but also quite useful. There is some precedent for some kind of typing trigger, like the headers you can format ending an item with a :

Will have it in the back of my head, gotta buckle down for now and ship this thing!

Wait, it’s been a while since I’ve checked but is “Shake to Undo” not a thing anymore? Because I like it. Like, I just noticed that I can’t shake to undo a checked off list item. I had to go to the bottom, uncheck it, and then drag it back to it’s original location.

Is there not a “Settings” option?

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Shake to undo is still active but it’s never been 100% – just for destructive actions, e.g. deleting items or lists, or clearing items away. Something that would be nice to make more thorough in the future, but it’s a project.