Shop Megathread

Can I see Terminal Cortana in full?


Terminal Gray would be awesome too :slight_smile:

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Here’s the full set!


I like the idea of having the list auto format to enlarge Emoji. I use emojis as beginning of each list to make it clean and easy to find at a glance… having the emoji be larger would be a great toggle… people who don’t want that can leave it off so win win.


Can you share all levels of the theme Spice ?

+1 to ^, and also the other themes in the “animation day” theme in general?

Sorry I missed these, trying to get 2.1 wrapped up here! These were a set inspired by Power Puff Girls.


Today’s shop is showing App Update Required.

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Also, would be great in the future to have better emoji / icon choices that could be sold in bundles for common list names. Like a shopping bundle of emoji / icons or a productivity bundle. Would be great if they were artistic clean beautiful ones similar to those currently sold in the shop.


That’s a cool idea, though I feel like it could be a bit of an insane production effort to dive into! I actually had a friend at Apple around the time they were converting the emoji from 2D rendered to 3D. I think he spent a year redrawing them at the time :sweat_smile:


Thank you, just fixed.

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To celebrate the 2.1, just swapped over today’s shop. Surprise Party!

There’s some new things, but also like two weeks of largely fresh shop content scheduled ahead. Treat yo self!


Tomorrow’s shop will feature some new themes based on popular streaming services, that should pair well with watch lists and widgets + per-list personalization.

Along those lines, we had some new theme ideas today for 2.1.1:

Spotify & Apple Music inspired:

And some package delivery services:

And for that IKEA trip:

Obviously all need to be renamed!


Oh… I missed “Inferno”, “Glacial” and possibly some other themes that were earlier in the shop today… I was at work and thought I would buy them later, since the shop usually updates after 24 hours, but now I see that they have been replaced with some new ones. :thinking: Any chance of putting the previous ones along with the new ones, for a few more hours? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will bring Glacial and Inferno back over the next week or two, this is unusual but I swapped over for the surprise party theme + 2.1 being live with some new collectibles after some kind of dry spell.


The Ikea colors are basically just the colors of the Swedish flag, so a potential name could be a bit broader.


True, maybe split the difference and call it something like Swedish Meatballs


Watermelon icon has a bug right? @phillryu

Yes, it’s definitely a bug, this icon is from the watermelon theme, and the icon should be this one. :point_down:t3:

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Oops there was an accident / wires crossed with the new Watermelon theme that shared the same ID by accident. Removed it for now until we can fix in 2.1.1.

@alx_ras this was the total centerpiece of today’s shop! I was very disappointed when I realized we mixed it up, was excited to lead with it post 2.1 and new items. Sorry about delay.