App Icon Ideas / Requests

The new Clear has tons of awesome icons in it to collect, most of them courtesy of David Lanham, one of the world’s finest icon designers and part of the Clear team.

We’re always thinking on what would make fun new icons.

I love ideas that can accommodate a checkmark in some way (remember those Absolut Vodka ads?) and also round out some other fun inspirations or cozy check lists contexts etc. like many of these do.

Please share any fun ideas or wishlist requests that come to mind.

Also curious on your absolute top 3 favorites of the bunch so far too to get a sense of the crowdpleasers!


Ideas: graffiti, tie dye, synthwave (to match that set I made?), Basquiat inspired… diamond/gold/chrome type stuff… idk. I don’t spend much time thinking about icons, but had those written down from a long time ago.

You guys should go the collab/kickback route and get some artists on these. I follow a few who would for sure turn in a sick icon.

David nails the icons every time so none really stick out to me over the others. Themes are where I could really run off a tier list, haha.


I absolutely love the Mondriaan-Esque “Curator” icon, that’s the one I’m currently using. :heart: From the “Gift Clear” rewards I can’t wait to unlock the “Believer” icon (the wooden balance board game). The Circuit Board icon looks really cool too. Those would be my top 3 favorites. :sunglasses:

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I’ll also post new icons in the pipe here. (Not in the app yet, but will be showing up usually in the shop in future updates.)


A checkmark with a rainbow flag behind it seems like an obvious addition, and there are a bunch of other pride flags that would very easily fit in with all the other striped icons (even if they aren’t the kind of gradients the app uses). One with the Apple rainbow could be an option as well, as it is slightly different.

I see you have seasons and holidays fairly well covered although I don’t see a “winter” option outside the Christmas ones. Maybe a snowflake make of check-marks?

And not exactly on topic, but should the current icon “Wwdc23” instead be named “WWDC23”?


My 2 favorite icons by far are Modular Bricks and Mondrian.
I suspect that icons inspired by other artists with distinctive styles could really connect with people - Picasso, Monet, Lichtenstein, Haring, Pollock, and Rothko come to mind.

I also really like the default icon and many of the variations on it (“Vintage” is the first icon I’ve purchased). I’ll second the recommendation for a version of the default icon using the classic Apple logo’s colors.
More checkmark icons using the classic iMac colors could also be popular.

Some other random ideas/inspirations:

  • origami
  • a flowerbed viewed from above
  • pencil/charcoal sketch
  • corkboard & string
  • Christmas stocking
  • glassblowing
  • ripples in water
  • CRT TV
  • crossword puzzle
  • jigsaw puzzle

Loving all of these ideas already coming in the thread from you all. Will pass this along to David and see if he has time this week to try a couple of these.

We had tried a quick Lichenstein but I felt we should redo with the more iconic ‘comic book panel’ direction, have to return to that one at some point. :slight_smile:

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My favorite icon is VHS Logo. I love the idea of something that is retro/outrun/cyberpunk and would always be down to see what David Lanham (or any other designers) could come up with in that vein. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying a lot of your icons. Some of my most-used are Classic, Clear Boy, Diamond (not sure how I earned this one, but was excited for it to come up!), Logo Pin, Mac '84, and Seamless Orange (I’m a big fan of the color orange, and I love the trick you taught me where you can use themed-icons separate from their theme). I also look forward to using Pong and Vintage more in the future. There are so many great customization combinations!

Here are a few ideas for future icons:

  • Typewriter and/or mechanical keyboard
  • Something plant-related :seedling:
  • Something rain-related :cloud_with_rain: (I’m a pluviophile :blush:)
  • Planet Earth (outer space in the background, maybe it looks like a Clear-logo-shaped continent on the planet?)
  • A floppy disk (either an actual 5.25" floppy or a 3.5" hard disk would be cool)
  • A Nintendo cartridge
  • The inside of a book

I better stop before I just start listing everything that comes to mind. I’m excited to see future icons and other ideas from people here, this should be a fun thread!


Icon ideas:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Heart monitor / pulse
  • Sound waves
  • Analog synth knobs
  • Stock market graph
  • Skateboard tricks
  • Martial arts
  • Break dance moves
  • Back to the Future . Delorean
  • Laundry symbols

My favorite icons are from the beta test.

A lot of cool offers about icons. @phillryu I want to know these variations of icons will appear, Holo icon idea by @duncandesign and Luxuriously chrome pair of icons by @ilyamiskov white version?

  • Sushi
  • Chopsticks
  • Nunchaku
  • Rubik’s snake
  • Japanese lantarns
  • Origami
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Ilya’s icons are in and waiting for an update to properly unlock them (want to give them their own unlock URLs they can share with their fans etc.)

I should reach out to Duncan about the holo one! Was meaning to but this side kept getting pushed back in final launch prep / initial scramble for tuning product.


Sushi roll icon would be super cute, I need this now.


I just want to say that I love this app. This update was incredible. Thank you :slight_smile:

I am buying almost everything that hits the shop, but my favourites are these (I order them from most favorite to least favorite :slight_smile: ):

I love the ones that have some 3D into the design. The birthday cake was my first favorite, then the critter trap came! Now I love dogged and gym bag too!
The ones I like less are the ones where the check mark is the most evident!

The sushi roll is an amazing idea.

I think the popcorn and pocket watch would be even more amazing with a little redesign. The popcorn itself are not very clearly seen. And the pocket watch has the roman numerals in a strange way! The Cartier Tank is my favorite watch of all time and if this icon would get a little closer in design to this watch, it would be awesome.

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I want the toast with the strawberry jelly so much! :smiley:

I love this app because it brings me joy! And these icons are delicious.

Thank you again.


Haha that toast, I think we have the burned toast coming up sometime in the shop, but the jam looked slightly… gory? :smiley: Probably overthinking it though, and I do think we should also have fun with icon variants. (Watch icon seems like a good example that could have some fun variants added over time, or say different types of cakes or cookies etc.)

Quite cathartic to hear how much you’re enjoying it!

Clear at this point required a major level of change to have any chance of thriving in the future that was bound to be polarizing to longterm fans. Totally bungled the communication side of this… but I continue to have faith in the bones of the design and business pivot etc.

Truly appreciate your support with the shop! Don’t burn out haha :smiley: But isn’t it also quite fun with Clear, how unlike a game, you can have a meaningfully extra productive day with the app and feel like you earned that $3 icon and are still quite in the green in a sense.


I forgot to post the icon ideas:

  • sushi roll
  • cookie jar
  • bar of gold
  • packet of milk
  • a tire
  • croissant
  • rubik cube
  • jelly toast :smiley:
  • hamburger
  • a boot!
  • a flower from above
  • a diamond!
  • grass (in 3D, all these in 3D :slight_smile: )
  • four leaf clover

Maybe an orange marmalade color would work better?


David’s warming up again, this is him cracking his knuckles:


I love those!

Instant buy when they hit the store.