Access old shop items after daily refresh

Clear team,

Congrats on the official release. Been a long time beta tester (since when the app was paused with no plans for release) so it’s nice to see it officially released again.

I was away in the release week so I just upgraded to the official version yesterday and thankfully didn’t lose any of my data.

Ever since the beginning I was obsessed with my collection of themes and especially icons, so it was a bit shocking to lose them all at the upgrade. (I thought there was some talk about carrying them forward for testers)

Anyway happy to support it through the shop going forward, however I started the thread to propose some kind of an archive for the shop - the shop purchase price is high enough that I can’t just go grabbing 3-4 themes/icons everyday - and due to the nature of the daily shop refresh, you’d lose a particular theme that you’d see one day but are not able to buy it as you’d already made some purchases.

Would it be possible to consider some form of a shop archive to see older shop featured icons/themes that I can go back to and grab it instead of losing it in a daily shop refresh and then just endlessly waiting for it to come back, not knowing if it will come back again or not? (I bought a theme today but would love to buy other ones currently on the list that I recognise as my old favourites, at a later date.)


Edit: Perhaps allow users to grab an app url for a shop item you can save in notes and later use to buy it maybe?

Or publish previously cycled shop items on a mobile friendly webpage on Clear’s website I can just go to for themes/icons and purchase it

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Sorry about the rewards! I had originally hoped/planned to carry over that progress but it ended up getting buried further down the list towards the end… one of several regrets in hindsight.

I’m a little wary of giving up on some of the shop constraints too quickly but curious to hear feedback as we go. Some like this may be the right ones to address (with the right complications! maybe some secret shop options once you’ve bought a few things?), but I’m leaning towards being very careful about rushing any shop changes and at least give it some more time to see what bubbles up as the sharpest corners to sand off.

Also quite interested in making it even simpler if possible :smiley: Was just entertaining the thought of raising prices to from $2.99 to $3 in the US. Not a Superman 3 scheme to make more money, in fact I think we would take a hit from dropping the psychology of 99¢ pricing. But I like the idea of resisting that status quo for simpler honest price tags.

If it’s helpful I would say right now I expect most shop items to rotate back at least a half dozen times or much more throughout the year, and we don’t have any plans for now to retire them.

Really appreciate your support and help testing.

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I think raising the price to an even $3 USD is a good idea. I like the simplicity of it, which very much aligns with the design choices of Clear.