Clear 2.1.3 is out now!

Grab it on the App Store

Push options are back:
• Tap and hold on a reminder push for complete, reschedule or snooze options
• Daily quote pushes can also be rerolled in this way
• Reminder pushes now titled with list title vs. “Clear”

Some smaller things:
• Fixed back button getting in the way of screenshot to share options
• Fixed lack of padding at top if status bar is on and font set smaller
• Fixed crash when circumventing Clear’s auto nav to destination screen after tapping popup
• Shop prep for upcoming event, link and promotion support
• Fixed shop icons loading in slowly or failing to load
• Fixed some bugged collectibles

And one more thing:
• New ‘wallpaper’ themes may be featured in the shop along with other fresh collectibles
• Customers of Chalkboard and iMac themes unlock new upgraded wallpaper versions free
• Wallpaper themes will more officially roll out in 2.2

Tomorrow’s shop should be featuring an initial set of these themes:

And an appearance by Todoro, a new adorable app icon:

Plus more fun themes to come in the shop through this next week! Looking forward to what you think of them so far.


Snooze 5 Minutes didn’t work for me as expected. I received no further notification after 5 minutes. I was actively using my iPhone during those 5 minutes but zero interaction with Clear. When I checked in the app I did see that 5 minutes had been added to the original reminder time.

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This one is sooo nice and once again, I’m begging for the SF Pro Rounded Black font :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Let me report back on that one


BD Orange fonts still need a fix


Yep holding back on those (redistributing) until we can. Could have something to do with different weight variants but same original font name or something.

Cool additions and features! I like the Wallpaper look of the new themes previewed here but wanted to know if there is a way to switch between regular Non-Wallpaper version of said themes as in some instances, I would prefer having the cleaner look without the texture.

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In the cases of Chalkboard and iMac themes, what we did was simply unlock these extra variants for anyone who had already purchased them before. (Or unlocked Bondi theme as early adopter etc.) So if you had any of them should be able to find new variants at the bottom of your collection, will polish so in future cases like this they show up at the top tagged as new etc. But they don’t contain some toggle-able non graphic heatmap variant if that’s what you were wondering.

Hmm so I tested this quickly here and got the snoozed notification. Let me know if this happens again, there must be some other variable involved in reproducing it.

(Though it does make me think we should handle these better with in app popup if you are in app when they fire.)

For some reason, Bondi theme is gray. Is this intended to be like this or what?

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Oh oops… no! That’s the graphite exterior casing. Let me get that fixed here for the 2.1.4.


This is the intended look:

And yeah it was a mistake in that asset, have fixed it here for the next update.


Ok I see the new Bondi Theme in end my themes list and the classic one is also there… I am glad that the new one does not replace the classic one… that was my main concern… Glad to know that any future textured variant theme updates will not crush the existing theme but rather be added to theme list if already purchased… thanks.


That new Bondi variant takes me back to a warm place with OS9, Dragthing and a resexcellence theme. :yum:

I tested here and it was my misunderstanding about how snooze works. That said, it doesn’t make sense to me how it actually behaves.

So, when I tapped snooze earlier today under normal use, I think the notification had already been displayed for at least 5 minutes. Snooze adds 5 minutes to the time set in the app whereas I think it should add 5 minutes to the current time.

I tested snoozing with a few seconds of the 5 minutes left and sure enough, the notification appeared a couple of seconds later. I’m not sure this is useful although I can be persuaded if there’s a good reason. :grin:


I would agree snoozing from the current time makes more sense than the original reminder time… except for maybe the “1 day” snooze? That might make more sense to keep the original time?



Oh I see! I guess yeah our current actions are more like ‘reschedule’ vs. snooze… got it. Let me think on this for the 2.1.4. Wonder if we should consider like “Snooze” for shorter times but “Reschedule” for an hour later, next day.


Thanks for the updates.

Though not a fan of the new wallpaper style themes. They are a major departure from the origami style folding layers in legacy Clear. The wallpaper effect feels “cheap” because now it’s just a bunch of text scrolling on top of a static image.

Still hoping for the possibility of getting back the original folding animations and the original, black, centred list title in smaller font at the top.


They are quite different and I think not for everyone, but I like how it takes advantage of Clear’s minimalism to pull these off in a way other apps can’t! I will also note, they made it into the 2.1.3 because it turned out surprisingly simple the way Clear is built (and its new animations). It’s very versatile in that way vs. the origami…

We’ll be looking at layering on tiling support too, so this will enable some themes to have their textures or backgrounds scroll with your list. I think it’s possible you might like some of those.