Shop bundled purchases

The thematic Shop daily drops is a cool idea. I want just about everything in today’s “Deep Dive” :smiling_face_with_tear:

I can’t really justify paying like $24 for several themes and icons I want from just today (in addition to the handful I’ve already paid for).

What about some way to bundle daily drops? Buy two in a day, get everything listed in the Shop that day free, that sort of thing.


Definitely thinking around this area! Though the specific idea I was looking at lately was less ‘the day’s shop bundle’ and more like ‘if you buy 5 things here’s a bonus collectible free’.

(The daily shop bundles would be a bit of a nightmare with the way IAP has to be submitted, in that we would have to submit one for like every single day I think, and so far while we’ve cycled some daily themes, they tend to keep iterating each time.)

But yeah there may be other angles, like a sale event during holidays and such.


How about having a separate category of IAP that combines icons and themes in logical pairings? E.g. Clear Boy icon (£1.99) and Clear Boy theme (£1.99) for £2.99 (25% discount)? Maybe include the appropriate font too, so people can get the full ‘loadout’ in one go without having to wait for the various elements to come round on rotation. And then obviously add the option to deploy loadouts :pray::wink:


I think you would understand my anxiety if you worked with Apple’s internal developer website :sweat_smile: It’s kind of a nightmare to submit IAPs and things… but I hear you. Some more focused/limited version could be a possible sweet spot for us to consider, kind of analogous to ‘starter deck’ packs for collectible card games.

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