Question about the Shop

When the app goes live, will the Shop continue to change daily? If I missed a reward that I wanted to purchase, would I have a chance to buy it again? It would be useful if the themes/fonts/icons/etc. are all listed or a way to purchase rewards if you miss a drop.

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I agree with you, and this is what I suggested in my comment previously.
It would be amazing to offer a one time in-app purchase to unlock everything at once so you pass Rewards progresses. or everything must be available in the shop and you buy whatever you want.
I didn’t like the idea of shop refresh thing that’ is currently available in beta


Yeah the launch store will behave like beta shop. It rotates daily, but it’s not an endless set, so it will repeat over time. We can’t sustain totally fresh shop content every single day forever, even with David :sweat_smile:

We first had a daily rotating shop in our virtual pet app Hatch many years ago and that was riffing on Animal Crossing DS. I really like how in that game series, each day you have some surprises to look forward to.

I will say it felt important we change Clear’s business model from a one time fee.

Basically in terms of sustainability, we want to be making our money more from the people who use and love Clear the most, and continuing getting the most value out of it, over time. (And only when they want to give us some! Not holding features of the app hostage for subscription fee or something.)

That said the entire shop and cosmetics model for a productivity app is quite experimental, so we will have to see how this all goes.

I don’t have a problem with the business model at all. I just want the ability to purchase all the themes/fonts I want anytime and not have to wait for the rotation.

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Maybe there could be a “see past items” option that will show you ones you’ve already seen? That way it still has the current mechanic and would slowly build options over time.

I think it’s kinda fun to let the collections cycle through and snipe my favorites every day as they become available. Not gonna die using Dawn for a little while.

Can anyone using the new public version of the app confirm: Is the “Clear X” theme in today’s shop? It is on the beta version, but I haven’t switched over just yet. Thanks in advance!

Yes it is, bought it this morning, still there.

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Thank you! That’s my most used theme, I’m glad to be able to get it day one.

This is all that’s showing up in the shop for me

I have nothing at all showing in the shop. When I first open it, I see a notice saying it requires an internet connection (which I have) and when that notice disappears, there is a faint “restore purchases” link. Nothing that can be purchased ever appears.

I rebooted the phone and now the shop screen is populated with purchasable items.

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