Shop Megathread

While there is clearly potential with the wallpaper-style approach, my personal preference is still towards gradients for themes. The chunky, solid-colour aesthetic is what first drew me to Clear, and all this time later, nothing else quite matches it. Even having said that, I probably only like 15-20% (?) of the available gradient themes. That’s not a criticism by the way, the rest just don’t happen to be to my taste. But for the few that are, I absolutely love them! I’m sure lots of other people get a lot out of the ones I don’t like so each to their own. While none of the wallpaper themes have properly grabbed me (yet), I imagine this may change with the right imagery. Ps @phillryu I am very much here for custom top/bottom image support (Experimenting with new type of themes for Clear - #13 by joeb) and more heatmap/classic themes :+1:t2: