Show us your Clear setup! (Theme, icon, font etc.)

Just a topic to share our favourite theme at any given time! :slight_smile:

ATM i can’t deny that Ocean Depths is the One for me! How the theme becomes darker as we scroll and the font colours between light blue and purple! Beautiful!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Look out for Ocean Shallows someday, it’s like a day pairing for this one!


I really, really like Clear X. I bounce between that and Dub Dub. I like the dark background with the super vibrant colors.


Clear X is the single best seller so far, though it got a big leg up being there on launch day. We have a light variation too that we should include in shop pool next update. I’ll post a preview of that in a bit.

Oh I guess we have it planned for a reward:


It looks like when you are in the shop and change the icon, you can temporarily pop out of the app to see what it looks like.

This may have been mentioned already, but if a theme is selected in the shop is there any way to temporarily see it within our lists to see the variations and then it will disappear if not purchased?

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Thank you for sharing these full theme previews, I’d love to see more of these in the future! :slightly_smiling_face:


I fully agree! They’re very helpful in terms of whether to purchase or not.


Favourite is Night Owl classic…

Second is ClearX

When Meaty’s gets unlocked via regular use (if possible) it will become my favourite.

For now am holding out on more purchases in shop as I have purchased a few themes already at launch.

Now i am very curious to see those themes you guys cited. (Ocean shallows, Dub Dub and Meaty)


Yeah, full previews is the way to go. Would lead to higher satisfaction and more purchasing confidence. Having been able to take a peek at some of the full themes, there are a few that I would be bummed if I bought them blind as the menus were nowhere close to what I would imagine.

I’ve said this before, but years ago in the early beta when the shop was still the Secret Shop that opened every day at 5 PM and didn’t even preview the regular list view well, I passed on Fire & Ice like 500 times because it was like 90% mauve. Then I went on to make a Vice concept theme that was like an exact duplicate. Similar story with Clear X. It was out of the shop pool for years and I always hunted for it, then when I finally got it I didn’t love it like I thought I would because it went red to orange instead of red to yellow. In short, the little things matter.


Berry Gummies and Cotton Candy are my favorite fun ones, but Night Owl Classic has great visibility all day.


Tagging @r1y3 who contributed those two themes

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Dub Dub - oh, let me change the icon.


Glad I made it off that list :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, how funny. I believe the (Miami) Vice theme made in it the release, which is an instant buy when I see it. But, if the Magic Hour eventually makes it, too, I will be thrilled.

Okay, I’m shutting up about it now. :joy:

That Fire & Ice theme was there years before me, I just coincidentally made a very similar one before I realized it existed. Been eager for it to hit the shop as well.

Maybe someday a lil Forum Friday drop? :eyes:

(This is not in the works, I am just fantasizing.)


Thanks for sharing these. Cloud Forest is an absolute delight.

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Man all those themes are fire and instant purchase. Is there anyway these can become official? @phillryu

My favorite topics are:

  1. Luminova
  2. Clear X
  3. Dub Dub
  4. Caution!
  5. Blacklight
  6. Glow in the Dark
  7. Red Eye
  8. Heatmap Light

Once I saw this post on Twitter/X, I fell in love with this topic with this font, but being a beta toaster of this topic was not in the application, apparently it is only a concept, I really hope that it will appear in future updates, keep my money, I will buy without hesitation.


And how do I get a Dub Dub theme now? I haven’t seen it in the store yet. Somebody tell me, please.