Reoccurring tasks that reset at midnight

Is it possible to make tasks or even an entire list Re-populate after midnight? This would look like a list with all of its items checked off, then at midnight all of the items will become unchecked and return to their original position.

I’m thinking this will be useful when you have tasks that need to be completed every day so on the next day they will be ready for you to check off again.


I can recommend really nice app for that! It’s called Awesome habits :raised_hands:t2:

I would LOVE this. I have a gym session and chores that I would love to reset even though they are ticked off

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We are considering bringing back manual swipe to check off (or uncheck) the entire list. (Like if you swipe right on your list of lists level of the app.) If we do this, most likely early update in the roadmap.